Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

If memory serves me correct, this is where I started!

Then at some point 4 showed up at the door. I think.

Feeling "the Love" from my boys. Lol.

I can stare at this picture for hours!

My 2 boys wanting to do everything but cooperate!

Still not cooperating!

Me asking Sher "What were we thinking"

Hello everyone or by now anyone still out there paying attention. We made it through our first Christmas! We have been enjoying BAM every minute of it. Well we have to because he was held so much in Africa that we can't put him down now! Lol. He is very healthy and active! He just smiles every time his name is said, even from across the room. The family as a whole are great. The three older have adjusted quite nicely especially Grace, the youngest. Grace is a little mommy. Thank God cuz Dad is always needing help. BAM is sleeping through the nights more frequently than he doesn't. Sher is adjusting back to "mommy mode" to 4 kids now. But she acts like a old pro! Amazing she is. I am so pleased with her. As for me, I 'm having a blast of a time. BAM has spoken the most greatest of words. The one that reflects his favorite person....Dada!!! Well its more baby babling than spoken words, BUT its my word....FIRST. And if you ain't first, you're LAST!