Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Praise be to God. Scott and I are going to Uganda. We found out last week we would have to travel twice, so we will be leaving on August 30, for our initial trip.
Though it is very hard to leave Colton, Haley and Hannah we are both extremely excited about meeting our son.
We will have the opportunity to spend two weeks with Bennett while we are gathering the necessary paperwork to move into the final process. We will also have the privilege of being a part of Pastor Dickson's congregation in dedicating the expansion of the sanctuary, orphanage and radio station.
Scott and Cecil (dad) have been very busy this week trying to make all necessary arrangements for us to travel, (thanks dad couldn't have done it without you). My only concern and of course most important question was; will Bennett be at the airport when we arrive; "YES" he will.
We are so blessed to be able to have this time with him.
I will take lots of pictures and blog every chance I get. Pastor has wireless Internet in his home so I should be able to write often. Thank you mom for providing that service to pastor, I don't know how well I would have done at the local Internet Cafe.
Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us. Your love and support mean more than words can express. This is a very exciting time for our family and having the support from our loved ones means the world to us.
Prayer request~
Please begin to pray now for Scott and I as we prepare for our trip.
I am not one who enjoys flying at all so please pray for the Lord to give me peace about that.
Pray for our safety: " FLIGHT", also for our travel in country, I hear they are great drivers.......NOT !
Believe with us for supernatural favor with the many government officials we will encounter.
Health, energy, patients,
Pray that the Lord would direct our paths and use us as He wills. That our hearts would be open to follow where HE leads.
Please continue to pray for Pastor Dickson and Gladys, they are very excited about this convention/dedication, I want it to be perfect for them. Pray for their finances and renewed energy......after all they have been taking care of an infant for 7 weeks now.....just a little sleep deprived.
Anything else you can think of go right ahead and pray it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, now that you have spent 90% of your personal prayer time on Scott and I go ahead and use the other 10% to pray for our "FLIGHT"......LOL
We love you all.

Many Blessing

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

"FINGERPRINT" forms are here.

Praise God the long awaited fingerprint forms are here. Scott and I will be able to go down and have our fingerprints done on Wednesday morning. We received them on Saturday morning and you would have thought we had gotten a box full of Gold. I was ready to go out and celebrate.
As of tomorrow we will be waiting for a package from our lawyer in Kampala with all of the necessary documents Scott and i must file along with Bennett's medical reports.
After that we will be waiting on our I171H (letter of approval). Then we can FLY.
I have spoke to Pastor on a number of occasions in the last couple of weeks. Bennett seems to be doing very well. They tell me he is a good boy accept when he is hungry. I try to call during those times so I can hear him cry, since that is the only way he communicates with me right now. We serve such an on time God. After the bout we had with Homeland Security last week I have to say God is in control. Bennett will be here at just the right time.
I have new pics and I will post them, just remember he has little girl clothes on, not sure why but just go with it. The first three pics are of his birth mother. I have such love and respect for her. It looks as though we will get to meet her when we travel to Uganda. Thank you for your prayers. We need them now more than ever so don't let up.

Continue to pray for Bennett and his birth mother (Monica).
Pray for Pastor Dickson and Gladys
Pray that we get a quick turn around on our finger prints and approval letter.
Please pray that we get a quick court date.....i don't want to be away from Colton, Haley and Hannah any longer than I have to.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with us. It will all be worth it the day we bring Bennett home.
Many Blessings