Monday, August 11, 2008

"FINGERPRINT" forms are here.

Praise God the long awaited fingerprint forms are here. Scott and I will be able to go down and have our fingerprints done on Wednesday morning. We received them on Saturday morning and you would have thought we had gotten a box full of Gold. I was ready to go out and celebrate.
As of tomorrow we will be waiting for a package from our lawyer in Kampala with all of the necessary documents Scott and i must file along with Bennett's medical reports.
After that we will be waiting on our I171H (letter of approval). Then we can FLY.
I have spoke to Pastor on a number of occasions in the last couple of weeks. Bennett seems to be doing very well. They tell me he is a good boy accept when he is hungry. I try to call during those times so I can hear him cry, since that is the only way he communicates with me right now. We serve such an on time God. After the bout we had with Homeland Security last week I have to say God is in control. Bennett will be here at just the right time.
I have new pics and I will post them, just remember he has little girl clothes on, not sure why but just go with it. The first three pics are of his birth mother. I have such love and respect for her. It looks as though we will get to meet her when we travel to Uganda. Thank you for your prayers. We need them now more than ever so don't let up.

Continue to pray for Bennett and his birth mother (Monica).
Pray for Pastor Dickson and Gladys
Pray that we get a quick turn around on our finger prints and approval letter.
Please pray that we get a quick court date.....i don't want to be away from Colton, Haley and Hannah any longer than I have to.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with us. It will all be worth it the day we bring Bennett home.
Many Blessings


Brittany said...

YEY!! i am so glad they came in! Call me i would love to hear about what happened with the homeland security and just talk to you in general! i miss you guys! tell the kids hi and their "aunt" loves them!! :0) again- can't wait to meet him! love u sher!

Joanne said...

My name is Joanne and I found your blog through the Burpee family's blog. My husband Dan and I are adopting twins from Uganda. We are getting our fingerprints done next week. We would love to talk to you more about the process... it would be such a blessing if we were all in Uganda at the same time. Our orphange is in Ibanda. Our email address is! I would love to email you the link to our private blog as well. (I think they are suppose to be private for immigration.)

Amy said...

Dear McGough Family,

We are so happy for you! We are praying for you. Thank you for posting updates and sending pictures. Bennett looks precious and we can't wait to meet your new boy. God bless you on your journey.

The Bryant Family (Matt, Amy, Luke, Emily & Audrey)