Monday, September 29, 2008

Leaving in only hours

Well folks, it's 6 a.m. and Scott and I haven't been to bed yet. We are trying to stay awake so we will be really tired on the plane ride.
I wanted to blog before I left and say thank you again to all of you who have helped, have offered to help and are helping to take care of our children while we are away.

Scott and I are so excited and yet once again a little sad to be leaving the kiddos for so long. At least this time their brother :) will be joining us on the return flight. They do have something to look forward to. Not to mention I know they miss us but I think Nina lets them get away with more than dad and I do so it's a little vacation for them.

I also want to say thank you to our Advanced Physical Therapy family we could not have done this without all of you picking up the slack while Scott is away. We love you all so much and are grateful to have the best employees ever. You are a blessing to us.
Please pray for our FLIGHT, favorable ruling, unheard of turn around time, and for us to have favor with all those whom we come in contact with.
My prayer is that the Lord would use us as he sees fit and that our eyes, ears and hearts will be open to respond.
Exhaustion has set in and I'm rambling so MUCH LOVE for now and "WE" will see you all soon.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to Uganda :)

Scott and I received word on Monday that our court date has been set for October 1st. We are heading back to Uganda. We will be leaving on Monday so pray we have no flight delays. We will arrive in Uganda at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday and have to be in court the next morning. This is the final trip the one we have been waiting for, Bennett will be coming home. We have been told it can take as long as three weeks to get all the legal stuff done. Praying for a quick turn around but we know God is in control and His timing is perfect.
I spoke with Pastor Dickson yesterday Bennett seems to be doing fine except for the polio shot he received is making him a little cranky. "OUCH"
Please continue to pray for favor with all whom we come in contact with especially government officials those who are directly involved in getting Bennett home.
Also keep our children lifted, they are excited but also sad to see Scott and I leaving again so soon. They have been the real hero's through all of this. Colton, Haley and Hannah have been very supportive of us and they have rose to the challenge of taking care of each other and their responsibilities while we are away. I am so proud of them.
Also remember to pray for my mom...she will be joining us on the 9th, she likes to fly about as much as I do :( so pray for a safe trip for her as well. Scott will be coming home a little early so mom will stay and return home with Bennett and I. Praise God for that I won't be alone in Uganda.
Pastor tells me his internet is working this time so hopefully we will be able to update blog daily.
I love you all and will miss you. Can't wait to see all your faces when I step off that plane with our bundle of joy.

Many Blessings

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pray for Frances......without ceasing !!!!

Well I must say today has been one of those sappy days, guess you could say i'm fellings a little blue. Frances has been on my mind all day. Driving down the road I heard a new song called Your not alone by: Meridith Andrews, the first thing that came to mind was little Frances and how at times he must feel as if the whole world has forgotten him. I then can hear the Lord telling him "Your Not Alone". That is what I would tell him today if I could. I want to hold that sweet boy in my arms and love him forever.
My main purpose for writing this is to ask all of you to step up your prayers on his behalf. Scott and I have prayed the Lords will be done in his life. If the family that has been trying to adopt him is supposed to have him then we pray for God to fling those doors wide open and if not shut them once and for all. We are also praying if God wants us to be his forever family then open the door for us.
You have to understand this is a very sensitive subject. This family has been trying I think for almost three years now to adopt him, they love him and their hearts hurt. But for some reason it just has not happened. I have asked myself many times is that the Lord closing the doors or is satan standing in their way? I don't know the answer but I do know something has to happen for Frances soon.
He has watched many children come to the ABC and then leave to be with there forever families and he has started to wonder when it will happen for him. All that said please pray for him without ceasing until our Heavenly Father moves on his behalf.
Enjoy the pictures we took of Frances, my favorite one is when he hugged my neck so tight. I think I could have stayed in that moment forever.
Now for a praise report.....Scott and I received our I600A approval letter from homeland security today. We are approved to bring Bennett home. Now we will wait for our court date in Uganda.
I can't say thank you enough to all of you who are praying for us and for the many children of Uganda who have touched our hearts. I will keep you posted on any new information I receive on Frances.

Monday, September 15, 2008


We are home.....What an amazing trip it was. Let me start by saying sorry for not updating the blog while we were away. Pastors Internet was down, the local cafe took forever to work and because of the conference we were not at a place we could sign on. Thanks to all of you who left us messages it was exciting to read when we returned. Well now the most important piece of business would be Bennett......WOW......God is good. He is such an amazing little boy. Scott and I fell in love the moment we laid eyes on him. It is awesome how God works. He is without a doubt our son. We are so grateful for the time the Lord allowed us to spend with him and yet our hearts yearn for so much more. Coming home to our family was a beautiful day and yet it was bittersweet. Scott and I feel torn between two worlds, we have children on each end of the earth and we are standing in the middle, split in our thoughts and emotions.

Leaving Bennett left us feeling as though our very breath had been knocked out of us and yet we felt the same way the day we left Colton, Haley and Hannah to travel to Africa.

Uganda is a beautiful place. The people are amazing, they have a great hunger for the Lord. During the conference Scott and I learned that many people had walked 30+ miles just to hear the Word preached, hoping to get a glimpse of the move of the Spirit. They are so gracious and loving.
There were many times during our trip Scott would disappear on me, I learned very quickly to close my eyes and listen for the laughter of the children and in their midst I would find him. Scott fell in love with the Ugandan people in general but the children captured his heart. Scott gave his food away, his water bottles, bible, pair of shoes and anything else that was not attached to his body. It was a blessing to me to sit and watch my husband serve the Lord in such an unselfish way.
We also had the opportunity to travel to Jinga and visit the Amani Baby Cottage.......heart be still. The children at the cottage were true angels on earth. I had the pleasure of meeting Danyne the director as well as her two daughters who were also adopted from Africa. Most importantly for those of you who have been wondering about Frances..........he is beautiful, healthy, happy and much much more. I must say that was probably the highlight of my trip other than meeting Bennett. I will return to Jinga on my next trip, Frances made me promise to bring him some yellow popcorn and he wants to take a boat ride. I don't know if they will allow me to take him but I would love to and if at all possible I will.
Last but certainly most important I was given the honor of meeting Monica, Bennett's birth mother. She is a beautiful young lady who has a great calling on her life. She is soft spoken with a quiet shyness about her. Scott and I were able to give her a small gift as a token of our love as well as the gift Breanna had sent to her. The only concern she expressed was her financial ability to finish school. We assured her that education was important to us, she is important to us and we would see to it that she always has a place at the King of Kings college. Monica held Bennett briefly, smiled at him and placed him back in my arms. Heart stopping moment.......the love that it must take is more than I can comprehend. She is amazing.
I could ramble on forever about our experiences in Uganda hoping to give you a small glimpse of our time there and how precious the people are but it will be impossible to bring to life what we were so blessed to be a part of.
I will leave you with pictures of Bennett and one of Frances a heart stopping moment when he hugged my neck. Thank you all for your prayers they were felt. Thank you to all of you who looked after our children while we were away. We are abundantly blessed to have family and friends like you.
Many Blessings