Monday, September 29, 2008

Leaving in only hours

Well folks, it's 6 a.m. and Scott and I haven't been to bed yet. We are trying to stay awake so we will be really tired on the plane ride.
I wanted to blog before I left and say thank you again to all of you who have helped, have offered to help and are helping to take care of our children while we are away.

Scott and I are so excited and yet once again a little sad to be leaving the kiddos for so long. At least this time their brother :) will be joining us on the return flight. They do have something to look forward to. Not to mention I know they miss us but I think Nina lets them get away with more than dad and I do so it's a little vacation for them.

I also want to say thank you to our Advanced Physical Therapy family we could not have done this without all of you picking up the slack while Scott is away. We love you all so much and are grateful to have the best employees ever. You are a blessing to us.
Please pray for our FLIGHT, favorable ruling, unheard of turn around time, and for us to have favor with all those whom we come in contact with.
My prayer is that the Lord would use us as he sees fit and that our eyes, ears and hearts will be open to respond.
Exhaustion has set in and I'm rambling so MUCH LOVE for now and "WE" will see you all soon.

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Nina said...

Hi. We're waiting to hear your trip there was uneventual. And yes i proably do let the kiddos get away with more than you two do, but that's what a Nina is for. Love you guys and can't wait to hear all the good reports from Africa. Check your gmail.