Friday, September 19, 2008

Pray for Frances......without ceasing !!!!

Well I must say today has been one of those sappy days, guess you could say i'm fellings a little blue. Frances has been on my mind all day. Driving down the road I heard a new song called Your not alone by: Meridith Andrews, the first thing that came to mind was little Frances and how at times he must feel as if the whole world has forgotten him. I then can hear the Lord telling him "Your Not Alone". That is what I would tell him today if I could. I want to hold that sweet boy in my arms and love him forever.
My main purpose for writing this is to ask all of you to step up your prayers on his behalf. Scott and I have prayed the Lords will be done in his life. If the family that has been trying to adopt him is supposed to have him then we pray for God to fling those doors wide open and if not shut them once and for all. We are also praying if God wants us to be his forever family then open the door for us.
You have to understand this is a very sensitive subject. This family has been trying I think for almost three years now to adopt him, they love him and their hearts hurt. But for some reason it just has not happened. I have asked myself many times is that the Lord closing the doors or is satan standing in their way? I don't know the answer but I do know something has to happen for Frances soon.
He has watched many children come to the ABC and then leave to be with there forever families and he has started to wonder when it will happen for him. All that said please pray for him without ceasing until our Heavenly Father moves on his behalf.
Enjoy the pictures we took of Frances, my favorite one is when he hugged my neck so tight. I think I could have stayed in that moment forever.
Now for a praise report.....Scott and I received our I600A approval letter from homeland security today. We are approved to bring Bennett home. Now we will wait for our court date in Uganda.
I can't say thank you enough to all of you who are praying for us and for the many children of Uganda who have touched our hearts. I will keep you posted on any new information I receive on Frances.


Amy Bryant said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!! It's finally happening and coming together. I am so excited to meet Bennett one day soon. Yes, we will pray for Frances. Bless his little heart. Keep the updates coming. We love to read it all.

Love you ALL,
Amy Bryant

Preston said...

hey i made one but i dont know how to put pics and stuffff on .

isabelle said...

Frances definitely needs to go to 'a' family - but that yours or the family that are currently trying to adopt him. That kid sure is cute, and deserves a home. I will keep praying for him and continue to love on him here at the orphanage.

isabelle said...

I volunteered there for 6 months last year setting up the pre-school.
I am back here in J now adopting a boy from the orphanage!


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much happiness it brings me to read about your experience and feel the spirit of the Lord working in your lives. When people say it's a small world they have no idea how true this is. Thousands of miles away while you rest and live and love your family God plants a seed. Then one day you awake to know that today your life has changed, a baby was born and God breathed the breath of life into your child. And what you know for sure is that from this day forward your lives will never be the same.
The pictures of you and Scott with the children are beautiful and moving. I cannot wait to meet Bennett and to hear an update on Francis.
I will pray for each of you by name that God will continue to move swiftly in your lives to bring your family together. And until that day comes just keep doing what you do girl - love those babies like there's no tomorrow and remember God builds families by blueprints we could never begin to imagine.
Much love and many blessings
Shannon Lucas