Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jinja...The Nile...The Amani Kids...What More Can You Ask For?

We have arrived back in Kampala after a two day, one night stay in Jinja at the Gately Hotel located directly on Lake Victoria; the source of the Nile River. Sher and I stayed in Cabin 2 again...where Bridgett also stayed the night. To write about our journey will be very difficult for me because there is so much to say and so much that I saw---if only I could take mental snapshots and reveal them to you when I arrive back home. We were accompanied by George who is an excellent driver and so gracious. (Matt, I was able to give George your shirts and hat- he will give them to his youngest son...he said he felt very blessed.) On our way to Jinja I experienced the countryside like never before...sugarcane fields and tea plantations; it was a sight to see. When arriving at our hotel, I was in awe of how beautiful this place was--picture perfect. I wrote Matt telling him I was in Heaven and the only thing that was missing in my Heaven was him. If all our family could experience this---Mom you must must. Instead of going straight to Amani Baby Cottage, we decided to go through the village to Bujagali Falls. This is where kids would run out and holler...MZUNGU, MZUNGU and some would scream with excitement. It was pure joy! To see small mud huts, naked children running about, and so many walking for miles---it put a lot in perspective for me. To ever think that I am not blessed, to ever complain again about what I don't have, to ever forget about what I have can anyone not know the Lord and be thankful? I am thankful. I am blessed. Our family is a rare kind---God has been good to us.

When making it to Bujagali Falls---I was beyond excited! Everyone knows I have a thing for waterfalls and Sherry and I were driven by George and a local named Moses to help us get around. We took lots of pictures and watch two men swim through the falls and then one kayak down the other---just for a little money we got to see entertainment at its best. When traveling back to the hotel we were able to pass out sweeties to the kids in the village and even got to see a futbol (soccer) game take place. Arriving back at the hotel, we ate a nice candlelight dinner looking straight towards Lake Victoria. We were able to sleep in our mosquito netted beds and rest with un-interrupted sleep, however, we both woke during the middle of the night...thinking about Bennett.

We woke early this morning to have breakfast and head straight across the road to Amani. I was so anxious...for these children I have prayed for and to finally meet finally meet Francis and hug Daniel ....was beyond words. I truly believe that if you call yourself in somewhere and believe God's plan for you that the plan will come to pass---I kept praying that I would meet these children and God made it happen. That is a miracle within its self. Of course, we arrived with a bag of sweeties---when walking in the first thing you hear "SWEETIES, SWEETIES!". To see such excitement for dum-dum suckers is something makes you think really hard---how lucky our children nieces and nephews and brothers and are all blessed beyond your wildest dreams. God has called me to take care of the orphans---he has called our is confirmed and I fiercely believe that it is our divine calling. Matt I would be lying if I told you that I didn't want to bring all of them home...I would be further lying if I said I didn't want to adopt one of them---one day you will meet them. I am sure of it.

To witness Sherry with Francis, George, Lucy, Arnold, Katie, Steven and I could go on....was confirmation that God had called us there. As much as Sherry misses home and her own children ---I believe this is home to her now as well. Quite frankly, I suggest we all pack up and head to Jinja....what a beautiful country with such beautiful people. Bridgett...I loved on little Mary for you, she is an exotic beauty and i understand why you have fallen for her. Kristin, I squeezed your Daniel and kissed those cheeks- how upset he got when I put him down. For me---well...Little Zach was the heart-breaker, the one I could put in my back pack and carry on down the road to Although, I think Matt would fall in love with Issac and his twin sister as well---its a tough debate. Wait...I think Sophia would be another...I must take them all. lol.

For Sherry, leaving today was not easy and you all know that it was just the same for me. However, Sherry has seen these children grow and has watched them since before Bennett...there is an unspoken bond that cannot be broken. To leave Francis and George at the gate was not easy and very emotional. God has put something inside of me, a treasure so great---a love that is so real. To think that I would be the one to touch somebody----ahhh....NO...I am the one touched! Touched so deeply...deep into the heart and soul. Nobody can take that from you. Praise Jesus for your family---for your husbands, your children, siblings and parents. Praise Jesus.

We must update you about Bennett! I know I have written a book thus far but hold on for a few more words---

Bennett has received his passport and again we have favor...Monica will be here on Friday to go to the Embassy with us. God has made a way where there seems to have been no way----Monica was supposed to be in exams (ones they cannot miss or will fail) but Friday she has the day off! We all must praise Jesus for this...this is another miracle! He has shown us favor once more. We still need you to pray in the paper that we need...should be arriving soon. Also that we will be leaving on Nov.4 together! On behalf of Sherry...(she is snoozing with Bennett in her arms) we thank you for all your support and prayers. We miss our family! We love you and will arrive home soon.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

God , What's the holdup?

Well I haven't spoke in a while since I've been back. 5! I'm feeling many emotions as one can probably imagine. Many decisions and choices have been made behind the scenes that have been difficult. It's not easy to stand back and watch my girl deal with this being alone. Thank you my most High God for 2 wonderful sis-in-laws. Sherry needed rest. Lord knows I wasn't much help in the wee hours of the mornings. I kept slapping his head looking for the snooze button. I guess he does'nt have one.
Sherry again you prove to be the most faithful of the two of us. Your able to find His shadow when all else seems lost. I on the other hand seem to do one of two reactions, retreat with anger or I keep moving thinking I can find my own way if I would just work harder at it. Others just chalk it up as God's will or His plans. Sherry, I believe you have it down or as my kids would say she has it on the D.L Shizzle. I know at times you feel weak, sometimes beaten and lost but you also seem to find rest and strength.
What should we do when Faith seems weak and Victory lost? You asked me to gather people to pray for the next three days. This I can do. You told me, say and ask for specifics. I will. You said stand firm and believe. I can.
A scripture that resonates strongly with my heart is Eph 6:10-17.

10 A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. 12 For we* are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.13 Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm. 14 Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness. 15 For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.* 16 In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.* 17 Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

And before I can pray, you and I, all of us need to agree on this scripture. These few verses tells us what we need to understand. First it tells us to be strong in the Lord and His mighty power. Knowing the Word and having self-confidence in the Word is the way to be strong. Doubt brings weakness. My mind and my inner man must not be double minded and doubt.These verses also tells us who we are in opposition with, evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world. Not doctors, sickness and diseases, govt employees, lawyers, debt collectors, mail delivery nor hosts. But it is who has earthly authority over all (2 cor 4:4). It was not these people I should be angry at but evil rulers. I used emnity in the wrong place. I believe not, that God had anything to do with the above as well. For He does not create the storms in our lives. In John 14:10 it says Jesus rebuked the storm saying "Peace, Be still". And it was God in Him who did that work. If God creates storms, then he would be working against himself if he also caused it to cease. Same principle also seen with all the healings' and miracles recorded in the Bible. If God allowed or authored all sickness and diseases that he then took away using Christ. He would be working against himself. Jesus says this cannot be (Mark 3:24...if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand). John 10:10 tells us the source more specifically. 10 The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. Can't get more specific on who is who.
Another point to make about who is god of this world is the record of the temptation of Christ (Luke 4:5-8) 5 Then the devil took him up and revealed to him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 6 “I will give you the glory of these kingdoms and authority over them,” the devil said, “because they are mine to give to anyone I please. 7 I will give it all to you if you will worship me.”8 Jesus replied, “The Scriptures say,‘You must worship the Lord your God and serve only him.” If satan is not the god of this world, then the above was not a temptation but a lie. The Bible clearly calls it a temptation.
We are told submit to God, resist satan and he will flee James 4:7. Ephesians tells us how to resist satan in verses 11 and 13 by putting on ALL or EVERY piece of God's armor. These spirits are gifts that must be very powerful when used all together as told to us. When combined together, we become mighty warriors protected and ready for battle. It says I will be standing after the battle. Bold statement! Must be good reliable armor!
These spirits are Truth, Righteousness and Peace. Truth is the veracity, belief, gospel, actuality and authority of the Word of God. Righteousness is an attribute that implies that a person's actions are justified, and can have the connotation that the person has been "judged" or "reckoned" as leading a life that is pleasing to God. Righteousness is also used as an attribute for God. Psalm 2 speaks of one being shielded by God and receiving favor because of righteousness. Peace fills us external and internally. Peace is evidence of the Holy Spirit working in our lives.
God gave us salvation by sacrificing His son to wear as helmets to protect our minds. Know that you are His. Smith Wigglesworth says " if satan tells you that you are not saved then you can bet that you actually are" Hold onto the shield of faith. Faith is by hearing the Word, Romans 10:17. And using the word as a sword to pierce the armor of evil. Speaking the word has power to battle any authority that tries to stand against you.
These 8 verses are instructions to defeat satan's authority through Christ our Lord and His mighty power.
Phil4:4-9, 4 Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again—rejoice! 5 Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do. Remember, the Lord is coming soon.6 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.8 And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. 9 Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me—everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.

Lord I humble myself and thank you for Your word. Thank you for equipping us with the necessary armor to withstand and defeat the will of satan. Forgive me of my sins and reveal to me any trespasses I am holding on to. I so graciously ask for Bennett Adai McGough receive his passport and visa. That the angels clear his path. Satan you have no authority or rights to this child! He is God's! Paid for at the cross. You no longer have access to him. Evil spirits are to line up by rank and be casted to dry place till day of judgement by the authority sacrificed and given to me, my Lord Jesus Christ! By hearing the Word, I receive Faith from the Word which is the word of God. Lord, you say if we speak to our mountain, with faith and without doubt, move, then it will move. I stand on this promise and speak passport come! Visa come! Plane ticket home come this week! In the name of Jesus!
Thank you all. I pray your still awake after that. I had to get out what was rattling in my head. Atleast I posted never before seen pics.


Our Blessed Day with Nathan and Lambert ;)

Our day started off with a funny....At 3am this morning as Sherry and I were getting into bed (our usual or later time), I was just thanking God for the electricity that we had. No sooner did I shut my eyes did I hear....WWHHHAAAMMMP....the electricity shut off. Go figure!

Sherry slept in today and I did my best taking care of little Ben...if you all could see him. He has found his voice and knows how to giggle. Every time Sherry says in a high pitched voice "PRAISE JESUS"...the biggest smile comes across Ben's face. This child is truly a child of the most high God! Today we were planning to be in Jinja but God had a different plan for us...I believe he wanted to bless us with spending time with Nathan, Pastor Dickson's son and his friend Lambert. I can honestly say that I was disappointed when I found out that we weren't going to be in Jinja today but when I arrived at Nathan's school and experienced the countryside I realized that this was meant to be. Today was the first time I saw little kids running naked and them calling out MZUNGU, MZUNGU...I truly got so much joy out of waving and laughing at all the children. Gladys prepared a huge meal of fried chicken, rice and beans with chips---we ate in a small out-door classroom...something kids in America would never imagine a classroom to be. We surprised Nathan on Family Day and got to enjoy lunch with him and his friend Lambert. Although, it was rather warm outside and I was sweating bullets---Sherry and I had such a wonderful time with Pastor Dickson's family. I have decided that Matt and Nathan are long lost brothers---they both love video games, love to read, love basketball and the funny thing is that Nathan played the drums that Matt gave to Pastor Dickson a long time ago. Nathan said when he comes to America he will definitely befriend Matt. Nathan's friend Lambert is such a sweet spirit. He has the brightest smile you have ever seen and is so soft spoken. It was very hard leaving them today. Pray for Nathan's exams---if he passes, he graduates!

Sherry and I have laughed more today then the whole time I have been here....she is in good spirits and we are believing that everything will go accordingly to God's will and promise. She was dressing up and fixing her hair 80s style and doin a little dance. Those of you who have seen this side know what I am talkin Bennett has already crashed for the evening and I think I am becoming a pro at putting this little guy to sleep.

Tomorrow is a new day and we will be glad in it---we will start off early. Meeting Mr.Otim, the Commissioner of Gender to receive in JESUS NAME the letter of approval for Ben's passport and then meeting at 11am, Mr. Fluke at the US Embassy to get Ben's Visa. WE NEED LOTS OF PRAYER----WE NEED ALL FAMILY and FRIENDS to call upon his ALMIGHTY NAME and ASK FOR WHAT WE NEED! We need approval, we need favor, we need the passport and visa, we need God's hand upon us. It will be all hustle and bustle and our little guy will have a long day too... also...could you add in a small prayer for electricity in the morning and all night long. As Sherry and I say "WE GOTTA BE LOOKIN GOOD"!

We love all of you and miss you all so much. Each passing day brings us one day closer to home---God Speed---we must believe in such a time as this. We will update tomorrow after our appointments!

Bre and Sher

Friday, October 24, 2008

Auntie Bre and Bennett !!!

Mom bought this outfit for Bennett awhile ago...just now fitting him.

Matt says "looks like you need a bath"...I really do. lol.

Bre has been trying to upload pictures for 48 hrs. and had no luck. I start messing with it and it works...guess I am the smarter one of the bunch. It takes forever to download over here but it is well worth it. Tomorrow Bre and I are going to Jinja to see the children at Amani. Bre is very excited about the journey and is looking very forward to passing out sweeties. Tell Kristin that she will give big Daniel a little kiss for her. Be looking for pictures to come.

Today we woke up with no electricity and I had no sleep. The day looked as if it was going to start off stormy but like Bre sang this morning...."Its gonna be a bright...bright...bright...sun, shiny day"! We got to the Commissioner of Gender office at 7:00am this morning and waited at his door- first in line- he arrived at 8:30am and stated that he could not see me because he was ill and going to the hospital. He told me to leave my documents with his secretary and he would review them on Monday morning. Although, she seemed gruff...God gave us favor. She was able to provide us with what we needed to complete our file. We were going to return at 2pm but received a call and told to come back Monday morning. All in God's timing. Another miracle today...The Ugandan Embassy has received our I-600A approval which now means I can file for Bennett's Visa as soon as I receive the passport. Be praying for a quick turn-around.

Bre slept for most of the day when we got home...she will stay up with Bennett tonight. I am exhausted but still feeling strong. Bridgett...we wish you were here with us still. You could add on to the songs we make up when things start fall apart---I think we are somewhat delirious. Glenda, thanks for getting Bennett's room ready...I am so ready to bring him home. I love you. Mom, thanks for the MONEY...we are going shopping tomorrow, hope we have enough left for Ben's visa. Send some more if you feel the need :) Matt...Bre says she loves you and wishes you were here too. She stated that driving down the road today made her think of the Indiana Jones movie and how she wishes you could see all this. Scott...thanks for all the late night chats and telephone calls in the wee morning hours. I miss you and you are my rock. Kids...I love you the most and will be home soon. Be praying for mommy and Bennett. Breezie loves you too.

Stay posted!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day At The Doctor:(

Sherry and I didn't get much sleep last night....Bennett was unable to get comfortable and nothing would satisfy him. Sherry started to notice before my arrival that he was developing some congestion and the thrush in his mouth was not healing, even with antibiotic. He developed blisters on the roof of his mouth and he couldn't eat which in turn caused him to be really frustrated. At some point, I crashed really hard and then woke up in the wee hours of the morning to seeing Bennett's first temper tantrum. I can tell you that he has great lung capacity! I took over from there when I watched Sherry kneeling on the bed and then watching as her face smashed into her pillow and her eyes shut. A warm bottle of milk and a tight squeeze caused him to finally settle down and rest. I think that all he really needed was his Auntie Bre...

We slept in to say the least and decided to make a trip into town to visit his doctor. Seeing the town in day light was something else---and riding in the car was somewhat terrifying. The doctor saw us quickly and was very responsive to what we told him. He listened to Bennett's breathing and decided that nothing was in his lungs but that he did have some mucus within the upper respiratory area. He told us not to worry because around this season it is normal....whatever "normal" is? I will say that he was very compassionate and thorough during the visit and even explained why the Nystatin (antibiotic for thrush) was not healing the thrush. He instead prescribed something different and gave us something for the congestion as well. However, we did hear great news....Bennett now weighs in at 11 pounds! He is becoming a big boy...double chin and all. The doctor even said "You know how you can tell when baby is gaining weight....pull the skin under the chin". Sherry and I started to laugh ....Bennett is beginning to gain some "skin" under the chin.

The greatest part of today was watching the people stare us down while holding Bennett and then to have one of the woman come up and say "Whose baby?".....then to watch their mouth drop when we would say Bennett was ours. They would respond ..."No, you a liar, that cannot be" (smiles and all)---then they would walk off and look as if they were amazed and somewhat confused. Everyone seemed quite friendly when walking by---I love it here as if that is hard to believe.

Tomorrow we go to the Commissioner of Gender's Office to request a letter giving us permission to file for Bennett's passport. Please be in prayer for this- they requested Monica to be present but due to her school exams is unable to be. We are believing that the commissioner will pardon her absence because he is a child welfare advocate and would not want her to miss school on his behalf. I know we have favor and the Lord will grant us what is needed to get Bennett home quickly. Sherry and I took some pictures today--enjoy! We love you all and miss you.


P.S. Mom- Sherry says thanks for the snacks. I find her often unwrapping snickers bars and eating them while trying to put Bennett asleep. The beef jerky is definitely keeping us occupied---we pick at our teeth 24/7.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HE IS OURS !!!!!!

Praise God for all that He has done. All is well and Bennett is officially a McGough. The judge was very kind this morning, he smiled and said congratulations. I looked at the lawyer and said I guess that is a yes.
The real blessing came when we were told the written ruling was already done. Normally this is something you have to wait anywhere from one day to a week for. That allowed us to start working toward getting the passport done. We thought we would have to wait until Monday to began this process.
Bridgett told me multiple times you have not because you ask not, so she started asking. Amy, a lady we have befriended through Amani Baby Cottage said she has never seen the written come back on the same day as the verbal. "Thanks Bridgett for Asking".
It is hard to believe Scott and I actually have four children :) I can't wait to get them all under the same roof.
My biggest prayer at the moment is that we can be home by Hannah's birthday. Every time I talk to her that is the first thing she ask me. So please continue to pray that God will make a way. I want to celebrate with Hannah.
Bridgett is on her way home as we speak and Breanna is sitting on the bed next to me holding Bennett. Keep doing what your doing the prayers are working.

Hello Family and Friends...I am officially a Muzungu in Africa and have fallen in love with baby Bennett. My trip went very well and I was able to sleep from Amsterdam to Africa. I ran into some really neat people and actually had a flight with a TCU friend from DFW to Minneapolis. What is even more amazing about this story is that she had been reading this blog and had been praying for our family. God has a plan! When I arrived in Uganda and walked down the tunnel to customs, I heard a banging from the glass window next to me. When I looked it was Bridgett jumping up and down , waving and blowing kisses. She assured me that Sherry was waiting for me. All I could do is cry and tell her that I loved her. It was a pleasant surprise to see her as she was leaving and I was arriving. I am so thankful for our family and I already miss my husband so much. I can honestly say I didn't pay much attention on how we got to the house because I was in the backseat holding Bennett and all eyes were on him. I did notice lots of people and I learned that Gladys knows how to hold her own on the road. When we arrived, I got to meet Myriam, Gordet and Jacqueline --they are beautiful women. They escorted me into the house and would not allow me to carry my bags. I was truly humbled by their graciousness. Keep us in prayer...I will try to post pictures soon. Give my husband hugs and kisses. I love him the most. Mom ...we love you and thank you for all that you do.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Court tomorrow :)

Today has been a much better day, thanks to all of you who have sent me uplifting messages and scripture. Also it didn't hurt one bit that my mom is sending my sister in law Breanna to be with me as my sister Bridgett departs.
Tomorrow brings many changes, we will have our official ruling in the morning stating "I am Bennett's mom" Praise Jesus and also my sweet sister is heading home. I am so sad to see her go. Bridgett and Bennett have definitely formed a bond in the last nine days. Now with that said I probably have not held him more than an hour the whole time she has been here. Bridgett has gotten up every night with him and let me sleep. "BABY HOG"
As Breanna steps off the airplane Bridgett will be stepping on the same one headed to America. Tomorrow was supposed to be my return flight home as well, but with the many delays that will not be happening. But I will put a smile on my face and look for the opportunity that must lye ahead for me. I know the Lord did not keep me in this country just for fun, I have a purpose, plan and a destiny and I want to fulfill it.
There are many things the disciples were called to do that didn't "feel good" but they did them. Being away from my family doesn't feel good but God will see me through.
Pray for our ruling in the morning, I know all is well but a little last minute prayer never hurt anyone. Keep Breanna and Bridgett prayed up as they travel to and fro.
Ok since this is all about Bennett and not really supposed to be about me, let me tell you about that sweet boy. First he is growing so fast, the moment he finished with all those crazy injections and the syphilis was out of his body, this baby started to grow. His color changed, he is actually a black boy now. I had started to wonder. Bennett is very spoiled he sleeps in bed with me at night and as he starts to move I have bottle ready waiting to pop in his mouth. Bennett does not like to be cold nor does he like cold bottles, hot works best and they have to be shaken not stirred. He rules the roost. He has found his voice and loves to laugh out loud. Bridgett playes in the mirror with him and he laughs at himself. Bennett has a little afro going on, but I don't really know how to fix it, after 20 minutes, a bottle of gel and a pic Gladys asks me if I plan to do his hair. I am having so much fun with him I just can't wait to share him with all of you.
If you run into Scott, Colton, Haley or Hannah give them hugs and kisses from me.
I will blog as soon as I get out of court tomorrow. We must be there at 9 our time so 1 a.m. at home. When you wake good news will be waiting on you.
Thank you for continued prayer and support. Each day brings me one day closer to home.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Missing home !!

I'm sorry I have not updated in a few days but I have not felt much like writing. Bridgett and I went to Jinja, spent the night and had a great time at the Amani Baby Cottage. We spent two days with the kiddos. Yes Bridgett picked out about twelve children that she knows for sure God has called her to be mommy to. Each time I visit the cottage becomes more special. The kids have started to remember me. They come running now when they see me at the gate screaming Auntie, Auntie. I think if I could stay at the cottage full time I would be able to handle the loneliness I am feeling.
I don't want to sound woe is me but that is how I'm feeling. I miss home and my kids so much my heart aches and yet I have this amazing blessing sitting right beside me. I know if God calls you to it He will see you through it but WOW does it hurt.
I have never been away from my children for so long and just knowing I have the possibility of two or three more weeks makes me sick to even think about.
I promised I would never be one to complain once I got here, I knew it was a process and that was ok......well I had not experienced this kind of loneliness before. It's like being alone in a crowded room. I miss America, my husband, kids, family, american food, the smells, the sounds, driving my car, all the things we take for granted everyday....that's what I miss.
Well it won't be long and Bennett and I will be home, each passing day brings us one day closer to the day we step off that plane and onto American soil.
Keep us lifted in prayer our court date is on Wednesday for our verbal ruling. Most importantly please keep Scott and the kids lifted up, they are going through just as much as I am only in a different way. Also please pray for safe travels for Bridgett, she returns home Wednesday evening. I love and miss you all.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Missing My Girl

Back Home! Wow, what a experience I'm having. Kid's did well. Thanks to all that helped out, I know there was quite a few who did. I pray God blesses you with favor for you kindness. Thank you to my APT Family for your support. Thank you Dan and Bridgette for sacrificing to help us. Sherry and I have supportive parents, thank you. And thanks to all that have given us their prayers and blessings. But my journey has not finished untill my family is united together. So I ask all who reads to continue praying for favor and God speed.

Prettygirl, I think of you and BAM all day. I believe in you. I know you have much to accomplish there. Remember you have the authority in Christ. Do not tolerate a thought to the contrary. Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of satan.

I Love You.


My little man !!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time for Scott to fly !

Scott boarded the plane last night at 10:20 headed for home. I was happy that he would be with our children and yet sad to be in another country without him. Scott and I are never apart, we do everything together so this feels a little strange to me. I, being a very independent person can take care of myself if I must.....but that's just it I don't want to. I seem to be having trouble with this whole dollar/schilling conversion thing. I think that's why Scott told me I didn't need much money. :( Scott, I love you and I miss you, Uganda is not the same without you here.

The happy side to that is my sister Bridgett arrived last night at the same time Scott was leaving. I am so thankful to her for making this journey to be with me. I can't imagine being here alone, I am so homesick for my family she was just the pick me up I needed. Bridgett is my prayer partner, most of the time she knows what to pray for before I even ask. Bennett took right to her so it has been nice today having someone want to hold him. I don't have a stroller or carrier so he has been in my arms for several weeks now. Nice break !!!

Bridgett and I are trying to find a ride to Jinja tomorrow, she wants to go to the Amani Baby Cottage. (no mechanics needed). So depending on who volunteers to take us will decide if we go or not. Hopefully on Saturday we will drive back to Fort Portal (with Glady's) so Bridgett can see her old friends at church on Sunday.
I don't have much more to tell today and I am exhausted so I will be going for now.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Safari Adventure :)

Our first mistake, is not having a clue when we were told our mechanic would be our driver.
No, Sherry's first mistake was choosing the mechanic to be driver versus me! BIG MISTAKE!
Needless to say we had only a few minor car issues that were taken care of. Osamani is a very nice guy, but here in Uganda they have specific people they call drivers.....he is not one of them.
I considered myself as one of those specific people!
In a perfect world he would work on the car and then hand it over. As you know we do not live in a perfect world.
It would have been if she would have only chosen me! But no she chose the mechanic to drive us!
Started out at 7:00 a.m. headed somewhere 8 1/2 hrs. away. With someone whom we had just met. With the title mechanic. Why did we need mechanic????
It's a genetic malfunction. She understood it just took some time.
I started praying in the Spirit about 30 minutes into the trip and did not stop until we reached our destination. Then I was mad at Scott for the way the other guy drove.
Go figure that rationalism! It's a Pandora's Box situation for me.
We reached our destination... so we thought. We still had further to go down a horrible dirt rode leading deep into jungle!!! I thought to myself... Scott is sooo dead if I make it out alive!
Right! I didn't think we would make it out alive!
But out of nowhere was a gate that opened to paradise. We had a cottage on side of mountain that overlooked the savannah below! Our bed and shower, each faced large open windows looking out. Plus we had a extra bed on wheels that we rolled out onto balcony for a starlight evening! No electricity only lamps which added to the ambiance. It was PERFECT!
Welcome to the Love Shack Baby!
We went on safari early next morning with a guide we hired. We saw all the animals we were hoping to see and then some. Unfortunately, mechanic guy was still driving.
I still was volunteering but she ignored my request to drive. At one point after almost ending up in ditch TWICE. Our guide was praying. Seriously, hands together PRAYING!
The safari was great but I was ready to get home and out of car. I requested to take different route back home to Kampala with better roads. I told the mechanic I was on nerve medication and to drive slowly.
Actually what she is saying is: "I choose the mechanic to drive a longer route versus Scott driving!"
Even after all that we have already been through! BIG BIG BIG MISTAKE!!!
I layed down in back so I didn't have to watch. Then I realized it was getting very dark and we weren't even close to home. One thing pastor said "It is not safe to drive at night". And we still had 4 hours to go!
I would have had us home by the time it finally clicked in that "Scott you should have drove!" Not only do we have to contend with possible ambush from thieves but we have the most crappy headlights in all of Uganda! I have flashlights that work better! Now understand there is no street lights no moon out just blackness. And most Ugandans don't have cars they walk miles. so we have blackness with Black people that come out of nowhere on foot and bikes along a 2 lane road with small shoulders. we would enter town with our horn going just so they could at least hear us coming. Also Ugandans use brush and logs as road blocks around construction areas. We ran over 2 such blocks because I couldn't get him to slow down or get him to understand the concept of going faster than your headlights! A log makes horrible sounds as they go under the car at 60 mph! I was ready to kill but by now I couldn't drive cuz of terrible night vision. I couldn't see to take over. Only thing I could do is yell SLOW DOWN! Well we made it. A could have been 5 hour drive that took 10 hours if only someone (not going to mention her name but she has freckles)wouldn't have been so stubborn! But in all it was an experience I will never forget and I thank God for that!
All that being said....the mechanic still has a job (after hitting two logs), Scott and I are still alive PRAISE GOD ! Most of all I think we had a great time.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Overnight Safari

Scott and I will be leaving in about an hour to go on an overnight safari. We have been so wrapped up in this adoption for so long we decided to be a couple again for a day or two. Scott will be leaving to travel home to the states on Tuesday so we thought we would leave Bennett with Gladys and do some non-adoption things while we are together in Africa.

Don't know what kind of reception we will have on our phone but it is with us.

I will post one or two more pics of Bennett before we go. They take so long to download that is why we are doing it this way.

Love you all


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rats,Bats,Earthquakes and yes...We have Camels

I thought I had finally come to terms with the fact we would be sharing a house with rats.......did not know I would be sharing a room with them. Oh my goodness, I am going to have to sleep in the car.

Scott and I just found one of Bennett's bottle nipples chewed, that freaks me out. Last night I had to go to the kitchen to boil water and I heard something running behind the cubbard, I think it was big enough to have a leash. Needless to say, I hurt my foot trying to get the heck out of there. Sweet little Bennett drank cold formula for the night. I think it wanted to attack me....Glady's and the other helpers here think it is hilarious how scared I am, it has become fun to them to point one out just to watch me freak out. Just to let you know I am sleeping with the bathroom light on every night, it lights up the entire bedroom and I don't care.
Scott does not want to be made fun of by the others so he acts tough but those of us that know him know he is a chicken little when it comes to any rodent.

Staying with rodents, we stayed a night in Jinja with bats. Not a few but seriously thousands outside our 3rd floor balcony door not more than 10 yards. Let me just say they are not very quiet animals. And we heard stories of them flying inside buildings. Our doors remained shut!

Ok now that I have covered that let me tell you about a few other crazy things that have happened. We forgot to tell you all that Scott and I were in an earthquake........not a joke we slept through it and it registered a 3.5-4.5 and lasted for over a minute. It was the day after we arrived, we were still jet lagged and decided to take a nap, did not know a thing until the next day when Scott read it in the paper......later he asked Pastor and he said I was on my way to wake you so we could go outside when it stopped. It is no longer a joke that we could sleep through an earthquake cause we did.

Next thing: we had a camel running down the road along side our car I threw the camera to Scott he rolled down the window and started taking pictures, men were chasing it for a long time Glady's yelled at Scott and I to roll up the windows, she said they can be mean and dangerous, who knew?

Now this is the craziest thing of all........Scott is now driving in Uganda. He and Glady's took Bennett to the hospital for and injection, the next thing I know the horn is honking and Scott is yelling at me to come out side and look. I thought for sure it was a joke and he had just pulled the car into the driveway but later that night when Glady's called and said she could not make it and we needed to go ahead and take Bennett for another injection I quickly realized this was not a joke. You need to understand how this is more crazy than the rat, earthquake and the camel they have no rules in Uganda. The only thing they tell you to do is stay left......that is if there is no one in your way or if you are in a big of a hurry and you want to make your own lane. Maybe you have decided you want to make a two way into a one way that is ok as well. Boda boda's (motorcycles) are everywhere and have even less rules, imagine that. Glady's has almost wacked about 4 since we have been here.

Sherry is exaggerating again. The rules of the road make perfect sense. The road is comprised of 5 imaginable lanes. 2 outermost is for boda boda, bicycles and pedestrians. Then next 2 in are for cars, center is passing lane. Now understand that at any given moment the lanes can be interchangeable. See there. Makes perfect sense. Oh. And stay left!

Whatever he is starting to act like a true Ugandan, that's why I am sending him home next week. He has all the women nurses at the hospital flirting with him, they all want to come to America and work for him.......Bennett got the best treatment possible, thanks to his dad :).
Good news is he is through.....went for last visit this morning, port was messed up again and doctor realized he had a series of ten injections and decided enough was enough.......yeah for Bennett. He is a REAL boy now. Stay tuned for more comedy from Uganda will post in real time.

Colton, Haley and Hannah we miss you all so much, wish you were here. Dad will be home soon.

We love you and by the way we gave you a calling card so you could call us. # is 011256779294258.


Scott and Sherry

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mixed Emotions

Well we are back from court and I must say God is good because the judge did not speak to me once (that means he was nice). He had very little to say overall. He only had one question for Monica and she answered like a pro. I am proud of her, she is seeing this thing through to the end. Monica did not abandon Bennett and take the easy road as others in her situation have done. She is a brave young woman with a bright future ahead of her. Scott and I have fallen in love with her, we praise God for the time He allowed us to spend together.
Our lawyer seems to think all is well. The bad news is the judge decided to wait two weeks before he will give us his ruling. I am not concerned about having to wait other than it will prolong my stay here in Uganda. Our lawyer did not understand his long delay but there is nothing we can do about it. I have to believe with the delay last week and now another delay today God must have something He wants us to do while we are here. I refuse to question since I have spent much of my time praying the will of God be done.
Everything in me wants to hurry and get home with Bennett to my family but I will wait upon the Lord.
Scott will be returning to the states next week and Bridgett will be joining me here in Uganda. Who knows what will take place when the two of us get together and start praying.
Thanks to all of you who are praying for us your prayers have been felt. I don't think I could make it this long away from my family without the love and prayers that have been sent forth.
This journey is one I know the Lord has called us to take and we will walk it out one day at a time. The end result will be well worth it. Bennett is an amazing little boy, and he has Scott wrapped already. Just wait Colton, Haley and Hannah he will steal your heart the moment you lay eyes on him and then you will do anything he wants you to.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Court in the morning !!!!

Well I must say for the most part today was uneventful. We hung out at the house and spent time with Monica. She is as precious as ever, very loving and gentle toward Bennett. She has also taken a hold of Scott, she seems to trust him and want to be around him (but don't we all).
Breanna, she loved the clothes and wanted me to say thank you. I showed her the picture of you and Matt and she took it. The card you had sent her the last time truly touched her heart.

Bennett is down to his final 4 injections and wouldn't you know it the port has to be changed once again. He was stuck a total of 4 times tonight. Glady's and I made Scott go in with him we didn't want to see. Bless Scott I don't know who hurt more him or Bennett. Praise God we made it through and his final injection will be Thursday evening.
He cried all night last night and seems to have a sour stomach today, keep him lifted the enemy is trying from every direction, but he is a child of the Most High God and no weapon formed against him will prosper.

Court in the morning. Please keep us all prayed up. I am a little nervous going in tomorrow after meeting the judge last week he seems to be quite intimidating. Monica, Glady's, Scott and I most likely will all be asked questions. I was told by our lawyer if you cry or tear up or don't speak directly he will ask you to leave, just depends on his mood for the day. I think I was better off not knowing any of that stuff when I entered his court the last time.
My comfort comes in knowing the Lord has called us to Bennett and He will see us through until we come home. But I sure would like for the judge to be nice to us :).........sound like a baby?? well I feel like one but that's ok.
Now this is the big request, not for the weak or faint at heart. (Do you hear the challenge in my voice). As you know there is an eight hour time difference but we need as many prayer warriors as possible on their faces at 1:00 a.m. your time praying for us. We are to be at court at 9 a.m. our time and will be seen between 9 and 10. The judge will hear our case and then make a ruling by next week to determine if we bring Bennett home. If you feel lead and will be praying please call others and get them to join you. Drop us a post so we know who you are. I'm trying not to sound so anxious but obviously I am. This day will change all of our lives forever. Each day is one day closer to bringing Bennett home.
Will blog as soon as we get home from court and tell you how nice the judge was to us all !!!!!!!!
Since he is going to be so nice he can go ahead and give us a favorable ruling tomorrow :)

God Bless

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day at Amani Baby Cottage :)

Scott spent the day on a 4 wheeler deep in the jungle and I spent the day with Bennett at Amani Baby Cottage. It once again had to be one of the best days of my life. The children at Amani have the Spirit of God all over them as well as the mama's who care for these children.

I think the only thing that could have made it more perfect would to of had Colton, Haley and Hannah there with me. We sang songs, played ball, tag and raced each other all over the place.

We ate a bag of sweeties (suckers). That's why we had to play so much.....didn't want the mama's coming after me once they were all hyped up on sugar :).

I learned the names of most of the toddlers there and was quickly reminded when I forgot one......Frances is doing great and is full of energy. He taught me how to drop kick a ball and how to play catch with a soccer ball. He beat me almost every time in the race and while playing tag I always became"it" if he came remotely close to me :]........George stole my heart he sat in my lap and wanted the rest of the world to pass us bye. He would lay his head on my shoulder and play with the back of my hair.........Daniel I would say has to be about 19 months old I carried him during all of our tag and ball play. He would just laugh out load and throw up his arms when I kicked the ball.......Sophia must have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on any child, she has a meekness that draws you to her. Then there was Christina, Brian, Matis, Elliott, Hannah, Nicole, Stephen, Bobby and Lucy.........I could go on forever and ever about the wonders of these children who deserve to have a mommy and a daddy. I gave only a few hours of my time and they gave me a lifetime worth of memories. Please keep them all in your prayers not just for a day but everyday. Christ commands us to care for the orphans and widows, if all you have to offer is a prayer then do it and do it faithfully. If you have time to serve in other ways that is great also, just remember He said if you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto me. So go and do IT. I promise it will change your life.

Scott served as well while riding yesterday he was touched and changed by the children he met. It doesn't take a lot so seek out the needy and do something today.

Bennett is doing much better Praise God.....he is eating more and resting better.

Monica will be joining us tomorrow since she has to go to court with us on Wednesday. I am so excited to have the opportunity to spend several days with her. Scott and I will take Monica to dinner tomorrow night and hopefully get to know her better . I made an album with pictures of her and Bennett from our last visit I can't wait to give them to her.

We love and miss you all. Court Wednesday morning so keep praying for a favorable ruling.



MZUNGU! How Are You!

Had great day by myself. Had oppurtunity to take a tour on a 4-wheeler through Uganda aproximatly 20 miles deep on trails. I got to see how life is there. Would you believe people are happy without. A house, smaller than what my dog has, made of sticks and mud. Family tilling a crop, with a single hoe, the size of 1/2 to 1 acre size! Wearing clothes that have been worn so much that they tie knots to hold torn edges together. Kids loved the chance to see a Mzungu (white American)riding by on a 4-wheeler just so they can wave yelling repeatedly Mzungu! How are you! Running to the trail and jumping up/down. Enjoy pics.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


My husband rocks. It is 1:00 a.m. and he just slayed the rat. Ok truth be told it is a mouse, we no not we he has chased it all over the living room with a paper swinging at everything but the "rat" and finally he chased it onto the glue layered with popcorn and bananas. Yeah Scott we can go to bed. Never laughed so hard in all my life......And by the way this is the same one that chased Scott off the toilet and into the tub around 8 p.m.
Love Sher

The Day of the Rat

Second day here and it has been just as eventful as first. BAM's health check is completed. Confirmed no HIV. BAM is a little pig now. Has gone through 1/2 can of formula already. Gets very upset when he wants a bottle.
We have a rat running through house right now. Sherry is making Pastor catch him tonight. She won't let him go to bed.Lol. They have it trapped in corner and Sher barking orders standing on chair. Oh this so funny. Rat escaped out window. Laughter is good for the soul. Thank you Lord. We plan to visit Amani Baby Cottage tomorrow. Sher is very excited.
Oh wait rat is back and Sher is back on top of chair barking again! Poor Pastor he just wants to go to bed. But he has to chase this rat with a folded paper swinging it hitting everything but what he is aiming for! Lol! Praise God. He is such a good God. Rat has escaped again. It's been over 10 min and Sher is still on chair, Pastor is gone to bed and now I'm being barked at! And I hate anything from the rodent family. The darn thing has returned. Now I must act like a man.
God Bless

PS. Sher says goodnight from the chair!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rough Day

Our lawyer wasn't prepared. He was supposed to have Monica present in court and failed to let anyone know. The judge scolded him. Therefore the judge has pushed our court date back to next Wednesday. That is actually a blessing because it could have been up to several weeks. We spent the rest of the day getting the necessary medical checks. Health care here is just as expensive as the states but cash only. Bad news Bennett has been diagnosed with siphylis. fortunately it was caught early and 100% treatable. He has been in pain. Siphylis will cause inflammation in bone. Spoke with Dr. Harparvat (pediatrician in states). She is not concerned since it is now being treated. Must be on antibiotic injections twice daily for 9 days (has a port in his hand). We already see difference in total behavior after 2 days. He is also eating twice as much as before. He now weighs 8.8 lbs. and 21 inches long. He is also learning to coo and mimic facial expressions of smiling and sticking tongue out. Keep us in prayer. We are standing on Mark 10:27, 11:23-25, Matt 18:18-20. So I'm asking all to read then speak these words to life out loud. Praise God. Amen.
God Bless.