Sunday, October 5, 2008

MZUNGU! How Are You!

Had great day by myself. Had oppurtunity to take a tour on a 4-wheeler through Uganda aproximatly 20 miles deep on trails. I got to see how life is there. Would you believe people are happy without. A house, smaller than what my dog has, made of sticks and mud. Family tilling a crop, with a single hoe, the size of 1/2 to 1 acre size! Wearing clothes that have been worn so much that they tie knots to hold torn edges together. Kids loved the chance to see a Mzungu (white American)riding by on a 4-wheeler just so they can wave yelling repeatedly Mzungu! How are you! Running to the trail and jumping up/down. Enjoy pics.


Anonymous said...

Awe that's so cool :] gosh scott your such a man, slaying rats and now four wheeling through the jungels of africa! Indiana Jones doesn't have anything on you! Hahaha :] I love you, clarinda

Anonymous said...

What were you thinking???? This is your mother speaking. By yourself and touring the African jungle - what happened to your "guard", where was he? OK, I'll settle down now. Have to say you sure look like you were enjoying it. What a special time to see so many people and to hug and be hugged. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Will be in prayer for the court date and pray that Bennett is healing exceptionally fast.
Love you, son and miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh my gosh daddy that lil boy is soooo cute!
haha u look so happy! :D i can't wait till et home!

How's my little brother?
Haha were u scared going
into the jungle? i would be! :D

I Miss you soo Much!!!!!!!
lol right now i am watching
bridgett paint benn's room!
lol she is talking to herself

Has there been any more Mice?" Or what mom would call it a "rat" :D

Ahh I Miss yall so much..
I can't believe that mommy is binging
him home! :)

Well i love you and i might post a couple of other comment's sooooo...... :) u can look forward to seeing those hehe

I Love You Mommy,Daddy

Haleyy :)

Matt said...

Scott...what joy that radiates through those pictures. I have never seen you so happy. God's love is shining throughout you and that smile.

I love you.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the other two pictures of the children in front of their houses. My heart is breaking for them......yet they are smiling such beautiful smiles. To have been there with you would have been a highlight of my life. Can't wait for you to share it all with us.

Pure joy and love radiates from you and them.

God Bless You, Son
Love you,