Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mixed Emotions

Well we are back from court and I must say God is good because the judge did not speak to me once (that means he was nice). He had very little to say overall. He only had one question for Monica and she answered like a pro. I am proud of her, she is seeing this thing through to the end. Monica did not abandon Bennett and take the easy road as others in her situation have done. She is a brave young woman with a bright future ahead of her. Scott and I have fallen in love with her, we praise God for the time He allowed us to spend together.
Our lawyer seems to think all is well. The bad news is the judge decided to wait two weeks before he will give us his ruling. I am not concerned about having to wait other than it will prolong my stay here in Uganda. Our lawyer did not understand his long delay but there is nothing we can do about it. I have to believe with the delay last week and now another delay today God must have something He wants us to do while we are here. I refuse to question since I have spent much of my time praying the will of God be done.
Everything in me wants to hurry and get home with Bennett to my family but I will wait upon the Lord.
Scott will be returning to the states next week and Bridgett will be joining me here in Uganda. Who knows what will take place when the two of us get together and start praying.
Thanks to all of you who are praying for us your prayers have been felt. I don't think I could make it this long away from my family without the love and prayers that have been sent forth.
This journey is one I know the Lord has called us to take and we will walk it out one day at a time. The end result will be well worth it. Bennett is an amazing little boy, and he has Scott wrapped already. Just wait Colton, Haley and Hannah he will steal your heart the moment you lay eyes on him and then you will do anything he wants you to.


Anonymous said...

Hey I am on my way to work but had to check to see how things went for you at court. I work up at 12:50 this morning so Icould start my PRAYERS at 1:00am I am sooo glad things went well in court and you did not have to speak however you would have done great I Prayed GOD would take control of the words that come out of your mouth I have that same Prayer for myself everyday.I gotto go Have a blessed day
Love you Aunt Doris

Steph & Casey said...

We can't wait for you guys to come home. But you are right the will of God is all that is important and I belive when the "Sisters" get together the Reign is gonna start pouring!! Hallelujah!
Miracles are taking place right before I am so excited you, scott and the entire family are getting the experience of a lifetime.

Enjoy your Adventure! We Love you Guys...
Steph & Casey

Anonymous said...

Well.......was hoping for better news and can't help but be disappointed that he did not rule today, but I do know God's hand in on this and He will give you peace and patience to make it until then. I know it is going to be hard for Scott to leave and for you to stay. I also KNOW that when Bridgett gets there some mighty prayers will be sent up. It will also be such an experience for you two to share with each other. Talked to her yesterday and she is very excited. What can we send with her that is needed over there? Wish Scott had had some things to give away when he went into the countryside. Can we make that happen?

Colt, Haley and Anne are doing better. Have had stomach virus with headaches. Colt went 1/2 day yesterday (Tues). Haley spent the night with us last night. I took her before 10:00 this morning so she wouldn't be counted for full day absence and so she could get homework. She may come home early, still wasn't feeling very well, no fever though. So far Hannah is OK. She probably didn't get it because she has been with us. Now that Haley is here we may all get it. Oh well!

Other than that, all is well here. Miss you all so much. Did Monica like her photo album? Will be anticipating more blog news.

Much love, hugs and kisses

Matt said...


God is faithful. You and Bridgett do a mighty work together- with me here I will be praying hard as well. What amazing combined forces...I love you sis. BIG HUGS.


Anonymous said...

pastor called today to tell the good news. but he could not stop laughing long enough for me to understand what i needed to know because of that stupid rat story he laughed and laughed.well did you check under the desk like i told you to im telling you its a midet love you mom