Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Day of the Rat

Second day here and it has been just as eventful as first. BAM's health check is completed. Confirmed no HIV. BAM is a little pig now. Has gone through 1/2 can of formula already. Gets very upset when he wants a bottle.
We have a rat running through house right now. Sherry is making Pastor catch him tonight. She won't let him go to bed.Lol. They have it trapped in corner and Sher barking orders standing on chair. Oh this so funny. Rat escaped out window. Laughter is good for the soul. Thank you Lord. We plan to visit Amani Baby Cottage tomorrow. Sher is very excited.
Oh wait rat is back and Sher is back on top of chair barking again! Poor Pastor he just wants to go to bed. But he has to chase this rat with a folded paper swinging it hitting everything but what he is aiming for! Lol! Praise God. He is such a good God. Rat has escaped again. It's been over 10 min and Sher is still on chair, Pastor is gone to bed and now I'm being barked at! And I hate anything from the rodent family. The darn thing has returned. Now I must act like a man.
God Bless

PS. Sher says goodnight from the chair!

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Haleyy :) said...

Haha I Love u mommmy and daddy i want u to come home now but i want my baby brother.. i am trying not to cry i miss u guys so much i hate it when ur gone but i cant wait to se him.. ok i am crying.. :/ i love u guys so much and i have been kinda.. well really jealous since bennitt has came along and i havent even met him yet but to think of it he is my brother and i havent really relized that. God has blessed us so much to get him and i am amazed that he is really my brother i am praying for frances i love u, miss u.. cant wait till u get home i loveee uu!!!!!

Loveee Haleyy :)