Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day At The Doctor:(

Sherry and I didn't get much sleep last night....Bennett was unable to get comfortable and nothing would satisfy him. Sherry started to notice before my arrival that he was developing some congestion and the thrush in his mouth was not healing, even with antibiotic. He developed blisters on the roof of his mouth and he couldn't eat which in turn caused him to be really frustrated. At some point, I crashed really hard and then woke up in the wee hours of the morning to seeing Bennett's first temper tantrum. I can tell you that he has great lung capacity! I took over from there when I watched Sherry kneeling on the bed and then watching as her face smashed into her pillow and her eyes shut. A warm bottle of milk and a tight squeeze caused him to finally settle down and rest. I think that all he really needed was his Auntie Bre...

We slept in to say the least and decided to make a trip into town to visit his doctor. Seeing the town in day light was something else---and riding in the car was somewhat terrifying. The doctor saw us quickly and was very responsive to what we told him. He listened to Bennett's breathing and decided that nothing was in his lungs but that he did have some mucus within the upper respiratory area. He told us not to worry because around this season it is normal....whatever "normal" is? I will say that he was very compassionate and thorough during the visit and even explained why the Nystatin (antibiotic for thrush) was not healing the thrush. He instead prescribed something different and gave us something for the congestion as well. However, we did hear great news....Bennett now weighs in at 11 pounds! He is becoming a big boy...double chin and all. The doctor even said "You know how you can tell when baby is gaining weight....pull the skin under the chin". Sherry and I started to laugh ....Bennett is beginning to gain some "skin" under the chin.

The greatest part of today was watching the people stare us down while holding Bennett and then to have one of the woman come up and say "Whose baby?".....then to watch their mouth drop when we would say Bennett was ours. They would respond ..."No, you a liar, that cannot be" (smiles and all)---then they would walk off and look as if they were amazed and somewhat confused. Everyone seemed quite friendly when walking by---I love it here as if that is hard to believe.

Tomorrow we go to the Commissioner of Gender's Office to request a letter giving us permission to file for Bennett's passport. Please be in prayer for this- they requested Monica to be present but due to her school exams is unable to be. We are believing that the commissioner will pardon her absence because he is a child welfare advocate and would not want her to miss school on his behalf. I know we have favor and the Lord will grant us what is needed to get Bennett home quickly. Sherry and I took some pictures today--enjoy! We love you all and miss you.


P.S. Mom- Sherry says thanks for the snacks. I find her often unwrapping snickers bars and eating them while trying to put Bennett asleep. The beef jerky is definitely keeping us occupied---we pick at our teeth 24/7.


Anonymous said...

mommy i am so glad he is ours!
I miss you so much and tell breezie i lovee her haha dad is talking to u or trying to and he is geting a "little" frustrated haha

well i miss u and i have so much to tell you and just talk to you about when u get home!

i miss having someone i can talk to about anythinggg i lvoe u and be carefull were all praying for u to come home

I Love you ~haleyy :)

Malinda said...

Hi Sherry,
I have been checking the updates everyday and am so glad to hear that he is officially yours! God is so good and Bennett is a very blessed boy to be a part of the McGough family! He is adorable and I can't wait to meet him/hold him some day! You are all in my prayers!

Malinda (Brittany's mom)

Anonymous said...

Well, you know that he is building up that lung power now so that he will be "heard" when he gets here....he doesn't want to get lost in the Saulter/King/McGough crowd!!!

It is 11:00 p.m. here and I will be in prayer when I finish this that you will find favor with all those you come in contact with and that the papers will be expedited for Bennett. And, that seats will open up for your return sooner than Nov. 4th. I will keep in mind Bridgett's reminder - you have not because you ask not.

Hey, girl, for someone who has been through what you have and who is so homesick, you look wonderful! Love the pictures, thanks for putting them up. Like everyone, I check the blog MANY times a day. Bree, thanks for taking such good care of those two. You and Bridgett have been life savers.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Oh, went to Babies-R-Us tonight and bought him a Christmas outfit, along with some other things. I bought 3-6 mos., so hope it fits since he is already putting on that McGough chubbiness. Our new "Chubba Bubba". Scott is trying to reach you right now about the rocker/recliner I found. Will go pick it up tomorrow but am unsure of the color you might want. Oh, well, you said to get anything so I hope it's OK. I am going to yahoo chat right now, if you get this in time. If not, will try again at 8:00 a.m. my time to chat with you.

Gotta go pray.....

Nina said...

Sherry, by the time I've read this you have already gotten the neccessary paper to start the pasport preceedings. God is SO GOOD. I can't wait till I get to see Bennett by then however he will have been in the states almost a month, look out I'm going to spoil him. Love you and am awaiting news of yur early flight home.

Anonymous said...

hey guys God is good favor thats what it is all about God has everything in control His perfect timing.we say God move the mountain but do we really understand God put that mountain out there He can remove at anytime.we claim healing for bennett satin you have no power over this child he is free Jesus said and we believe it so there.are you guys going to see the children this weekend?love you both i pray you see what GOD WANTS YOU TO SEE, YOU WILL DO WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO DO ,YOU WILL SPEAK WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO SPEAK.THERES A PURPOSE FOR YOUR TIME THERE SO LIVE IT, PRAISE GOD DANCE THE WAY DAVID DANCED PUT THE JOY OF THE LORD IN YOUR STEP.

Jordan Lane said...

well i thnk its definately safe to say that BAM doesn't have to worry about feeling out of place. I think people all over this world are waiting for his return! Bre i love you, hope you are having fun, especially since thats probably the only baby that likes you. haha just playing~ Sherry, i read this thing everyday. keep us updated, i enjoy reading about ya'lls adventures. Give BAM kisses for me...see ya'll soon... i'll be praying!