Thursday, October 16, 2008

Missing My Girl

Back Home! Wow, what a experience I'm having. Kid's did well. Thanks to all that helped out, I know there was quite a few who did. I pray God blesses you with favor for you kindness. Thank you to my APT Family for your support. Thank you Dan and Bridgette for sacrificing to help us. Sherry and I have supportive parents, thank you. And thanks to all that have given us their prayers and blessings. But my journey has not finished untill my family is united together. So I ask all who reads to continue praying for favor and God speed.

Prettygirl, I think of you and BAM all day. I believe in you. I know you have much to accomplish there. Remember you have the authority in Christ. Do not tolerate a thought to the contrary. Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of satan.

I Love You.



Sherry said...

Scott you continue to amaze me each and everyday. I woke up this morning to your blog and pictures, it is just what I needed to start my day. I love and miss you.


Glenda McGough said...

Love the pictures!!!! Guess we will be carrying him around until he starts school, understand he is pretty spoiled to being held. Scott says he cries, but quiets immediately upon picking him up. That's OK, that's what babies are for.

Sher, it is good to have Scott home (he was pretty tired/sleep deprived when he arrived, couldn't sleep on plane. Knowing him, it was because you weren't with him, but all will be better when ALL of you are home. Hope you and Bridgett got to go to Amani today. Let us know. And, yes, we need pictures of all three of you. Will continue to do what is needed to take care of the babies here.
Love you,

Matt and Bre said...

so i hear scott didn't leave you the cord you need for the camera to upload pics....hmmm...I am gonna have to talk with him about that. lol. I am sure he is exhausted. Mom read me part of your email about how you missed me...I hope I get to see you soon. I love you sis. My email is if you feel the need to write. I wasn't sure if I had your email correct...i sent a long one to you the other day but not sure if it went through.

I am always praying.