Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HE IS OURS !!!!!!

Praise God for all that He has done. All is well and Bennett is officially a McGough. The judge was very kind this morning, he smiled and said congratulations. I looked at the lawyer and said I guess that is a yes.
The real blessing came when we were told the written ruling was already done. Normally this is something you have to wait anywhere from one day to a week for. That allowed us to start working toward getting the passport done. We thought we would have to wait until Monday to began this process.
Bridgett told me multiple times you have not because you ask not, so she started asking. Amy, a lady we have befriended through Amani Baby Cottage said she has never seen the written come back on the same day as the verbal. "Thanks Bridgett for Asking".
It is hard to believe Scott and I actually have four children :) I can't wait to get them all under the same roof.
My biggest prayer at the moment is that we can be home by Hannah's birthday. Every time I talk to her that is the first thing she ask me. So please continue to pray that God will make a way. I want to celebrate with Hannah.
Bridgett is on her way home as we speak and Breanna is sitting on the bed next to me holding Bennett. Keep doing what your doing the prayers are working.

Hello Family and Friends...I am officially a Muzungu in Africa and have fallen in love with baby Bennett. My trip went very well and I was able to sleep from Amsterdam to Africa. I ran into some really neat people and actually had a flight with a TCU friend from DFW to Minneapolis. What is even more amazing about this story is that she had been reading this blog and had been praying for our family. God has a plan! When I arrived in Uganda and walked down the tunnel to customs, I heard a banging from the glass window next to me. When I looked it was Bridgett jumping up and down , waving and blowing kisses. She assured me that Sherry was waiting for me. All I could do is cry and tell her that I loved her. It was a pleasant surprise to see her as she was leaving and I was arriving. I am so thankful for our family and I already miss my husband so much. I can honestly say I didn't pay much attention on how we got to the house because I was in the backseat holding Bennett and all eyes were on him. I did notice lots of people and I learned that Gladys knows how to hold her own on the road. When we arrived, I got to meet Myriam, Gordet and Jacqueline --they are beautiful women. They escorted me into the house and would not allow me to carry my bags. I was truly humbled by their graciousness. Keep us in prayer...I will try to post pictures soon. Give my husband hugs and kisses. I love him the most. Mom ...we love you and thank you for all that you do.



Anonymous said...

WHOO HOO!! I can't wait to meet our fellow Texan Ugandan. God bless your process and trip home. mary from houston

Anonymous said...

As I said in my email to you Sher, the tears roll and the nose burns. It's official on paper, not just in our hearts. There have been so many people connected to our little BAM, it is unbelievable and very humbling. WOW!! There are no coincidences where God is concerned. Bree, Bridgett "just happened" to be there as you are deplaneing??? Think not! I am so envious that you are holding him. Give him many kisses from us.

Sher, I told your Mom this afternoon that I wasn't sure that I could do what you are doing. Baby, you are stronger than you think.

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. Prov. 24:3-4

You and Scott have built a home with love and through understanding what God has called you to now have FOUR rare and beautiful treasures!!!!

Love and miss you,

Nina said...

Sherry, Every time I read you new blogs, I either laugh out loud or as you know me, I cry. Today is happy tears. I have been praying since Scott got home that you and Bennett are going to be here to celebrate Hannah's birthday. And just like the favor from the judge you will have favor with all concerned with getting the three of you hame in time, in Jesus Holy Name.

kristin betts said...

Praise God!!! Finally he is yours, I'm praying now for a fast and safe trip home. Did I mention he is soooo cute. I can't wait to hold him he is a true miracle. Oh and hello Bre I miss ya bunches!!! Well girls I will see you and that special boy soon. Love Ya Kristin Betts

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to have Benette offically ours he has been ours from the get go. the judge just didn't know it yet now he does how wonderful is that
Love & kisses & lots of PRAYERS
aunt Doris

Steph and Case said...

We are overjoyed BAM is officially a McGough!!

But we all know he has been family joined by the heart since the day he was born but Praise God everyone else finally got on the same page and now EVERYONE KNOWS!!!

Yeah just like everyone else we can't wait for you to get home and be the family you were meant to be..

Love you bunches.. sending you our hugs and kisses to you, Bre and especially BAM

Anonymous said...

i'm not very good i've sent 2 messages not one has gone thru so each time i forget what i've said so it makes me mad to start over ,my staff said i've used this stupid machine more since you have been gone.they still laugh at my typing.oh well i've been laughed at before it's not to bad.tomorrow you will have the form in your hand one step closer to home give bennett a kiss from mimi.has bre fell yet
love mom

Anonymous said...

mom i love you its colt i cant wait to see you i love you and miss you so much i can wait to see my new baby brother

Anonymous said...

Bennett Is absolutely adorable! Bre I am so glad you got there safely! And it is awesome that you get to be there! I love you and be safe!