Friday, October 24, 2008

Auntie Bre and Bennett !!!

Mom bought this outfit for Bennett awhile ago...just now fitting him.

Matt says "looks like you need a bath"...I really do. lol.

Bre has been trying to upload pictures for 48 hrs. and had no luck. I start messing with it and it works...guess I am the smarter one of the bunch. It takes forever to download over here but it is well worth it. Tomorrow Bre and I are going to Jinja to see the children at Amani. Bre is very excited about the journey and is looking very forward to passing out sweeties. Tell Kristin that she will give big Daniel a little kiss for her. Be looking for pictures to come.

Today we woke up with no electricity and I had no sleep. The day looked as if it was going to start off stormy but like Bre sang this morning...."Its gonna be a bright...bright...bright...sun, shiny day"! We got to the Commissioner of Gender office at 7:00am this morning and waited at his door- first in line- he arrived at 8:30am and stated that he could not see me because he was ill and going to the hospital. He told me to leave my documents with his secretary and he would review them on Monday morning. Although, she seemed gruff...God gave us favor. She was able to provide us with what we needed to complete our file. We were going to return at 2pm but received a call and told to come back Monday morning. All in God's timing. Another miracle today...The Ugandan Embassy has received our I-600A approval which now means I can file for Bennett's Visa as soon as I receive the passport. Be praying for a quick turn-around.

Bre slept for most of the day when we got home...she will stay up with Bennett tonight. I am exhausted but still feeling strong. Bridgett...we wish you were here with us still. You could add on to the songs we make up when things start fall apart---I think we are somewhat delirious. Glenda, thanks for getting Bennett's room ready...I am so ready to bring him home. I love you. Mom, thanks for the MONEY...we are going shopping tomorrow, hope we have enough left for Ben's visa. Send some more if you feel the need :) Matt...Bre says she loves you and wishes you were here too. She stated that driving down the road today made her think of the Indiana Jones movie and how she wishes you could see all this. Scott...thanks for all the late night chats and telephone calls in the wee morning hours. I miss you and you are my rock. Kids...I love you the most and will be home soon. Be praying for mommy and Bennett. Breezie loves you too.

Stay posted!


Anonymous said...

cute what else can you say,not you the baby.i think thats the outfit i got him.cant wait to hear about your trip to see the babies matt is doing great but missing the love of his life.send lots of pictures it makes me feel i'm there
love mom

Anonymous said...

cute what else can you say,not you the baby.i think thats the outfit i got him.cant wait to hear about your trip to see the babies matt is doing great but missing the love of his life.send lots of pictures it makes me feel i'm there
love mom

Anonymous said...

Reverse Oreo cookie. Sorry BAM, Prepare for bunch of kisses from all these girls.

Anonymous said...

angie said you are trying to look sexy stop it

Anonymous said...

we take that back there aint no sexy in those picture and why does bennett look scared bre angie said it was you he was scared of since none of the other pictures turned out like that.more please

Jordan Lane said...

hahaha! i love these pictures!! this just had to get here cuz i just left a comment on the last post!! looks like ya'll are having fun...

Brittany said...

so happy for you and our whole family. we are planning on coming home when you get back.. be safe and just to let know there a are a lot of people here that have been praying and genuinely concerned for you.


Glenda McGough said...

The caption for the first picture should be "Dad, help!!!! and for the second "Well, it's a tough life, but somebody's got to do it" Is he cute, or what?? Thanks for being persistent in getting the pics up, we want as many as you can find the time to do. Hope tomorrow is an outstanding day at Amani. Bree, watch yourself, you will be falling in love and bringing one home with you - too bad it's not that easy!

Got the chair ordered and did some more shopping for his room. I am getting inspired with ideas. Will get it put together next week. Will try not to overdo, I can really get going with that jungle theme. Don't be surprised if I have vines hanging from the ceiling LOL.

Yea! When we chatted this morning you had not received the papers from here. Finally the USA came through. You are on the down hill side now - very "short"!

Love you all!

kristin betts said...

Oh look here Bre don't just give my daniel a little kiss give him a big hug to. And it would not hurt to sqeeze those cheaks either. I can't wait till ya'll get back and I will be at the air port to see yall step off the plane. Do me a favor girls tell daniel I know he does not know me but I just love him so much, and give BAM a hug and kiss from me to because he was so easy to fall in love with. Ok goodbye by for now, Love ya'll and I will see ya soon.

Uncle James said...

Sis I am so proud for you and Scott. I think BAM looks alot like me.

I can't wait for you to bring him home. Angie and I are ready to baby sit, we have gotten pretty good here lately.

Everyone kept telling me to leave you messages. Check your email and your myspace, I have been leaving messages. Guess I was leaving them in the wrong place..But I found you now.

I Love you,

Glenda McGough said...

Does he look like a happy baby, or what??? Every picture I see I say, that's my favorite!!!

James, don't want to start a fight here, BUT, I think he has that McGough/Colbert look about him.....just saying......

Can't wait for more pics

Anonymous said...

:0 mommy I miss you! Like it's weird now not having you here. But me and daddy talk about a lot of things like me and you do and it's kinda cool! But I miss you and a lot of things had gone on with my life so de you've been gone : / I miss a lot take more pictures of ben ben :) iloveyou tell breeze I love her to keep praying to get home soon

<3 haleyy