Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Safari Adventure :)

Our first mistake, is not having a clue when we were told our mechanic would be our driver.
No, Sherry's first mistake was choosing the mechanic to be driver versus me! BIG MISTAKE!
Needless to say we had only a few minor car issues that were taken care of. Osamani is a very nice guy, but here in Uganda they have specific people they call drivers.....he is not one of them.
I considered myself as one of those specific people!
In a perfect world he would work on the car and then hand it over. As you know we do not live in a perfect world.
It would have been if she would have only chosen me! But no she chose the mechanic to drive us!
Started out at 7:00 a.m. headed somewhere 8 1/2 hrs. away. With someone whom we had just met. With the title mechanic. Why did we need mechanic????
It's a genetic malfunction. She understood it just took some time.
I started praying in the Spirit about 30 minutes into the trip and did not stop until we reached our destination. Then I was mad at Scott for the way the other guy drove.
Go figure that rationalism! It's a Pandora's Box situation for me.
We reached our destination... so we thought. We still had further to go down a horrible dirt rode leading deep into jungle!!! I thought to myself... Scott is sooo dead if I make it out alive!
Right! I didn't think we would make it out alive!
But out of nowhere was a gate that opened to paradise. We had a cottage on side of mountain that overlooked the savannah below! Our bed and shower, each faced large open windows looking out. Plus we had a extra bed on wheels that we rolled out onto balcony for a starlight evening! No electricity only lamps which added to the ambiance. It was PERFECT!
Welcome to the Love Shack Baby!
We went on safari early next morning with a guide we hired. We saw all the animals we were hoping to see and then some. Unfortunately, mechanic guy was still driving.
I still was volunteering but she ignored my request to drive. At one point after almost ending up in ditch TWICE. Our guide was praying. Seriously, hands together PRAYING!
The safari was great but I was ready to get home and out of car. I requested to take different route back home to Kampala with better roads. I told the mechanic I was on nerve medication and to drive slowly.
Actually what she is saying is: "I choose the mechanic to drive a longer route versus Scott driving!"
Even after all that we have already been through! BIG BIG BIG MISTAKE!!!
I layed down in back so I didn't have to watch. Then I realized it was getting very dark and we weren't even close to home. One thing pastor said "It is not safe to drive at night". And we still had 4 hours to go!
I would have had us home by the time it finally clicked in that "Scott you should have drove!" Not only do we have to contend with possible ambush from thieves but we have the most crappy headlights in all of Uganda! I have flashlights that work better! Now understand there is no street lights no moon out just blackness. And most Ugandans don't have cars they walk miles. so we have blackness with Black people that come out of nowhere on foot and bikes along a 2 lane road with small shoulders. we would enter town with our horn going just so they could at least hear us coming. Also Ugandans use brush and logs as road blocks around construction areas. We ran over 2 such blocks because I couldn't get him to slow down or get him to understand the concept of going faster than your headlights! A log makes horrible sounds as they go under the car at 60 mph! I was ready to kill but by now I couldn't drive cuz of terrible night vision. I couldn't see to take over. Only thing I could do is yell SLOW DOWN! Well we made it. A could have been 5 hour drive that took 10 hours if only someone (not going to mention her name but she has freckles)wouldn't have been so stubborn! But in all it was an experience I will never forget and I thank God for that!
All that being said....the mechanic still has a job (after hitting two logs), Scott and I are still alive PRAISE GOD ! Most of all I think we had a great time.



Matt and Bre said...

Wow...lol...what an adventure...A TOTAL OFF ROAD EXPERIENCE! You both had me laughing...Sherry why didn't you just let Scott drive??? I honestly can say that I wouldn't have let Matt touch the wheel either...

I miss yall so much...with Bridgett leaving it really made me miss yall even more. I check the blog multiple times a day and I told Bridgett to tell you to update asap when she arrives...I want to see pictures of her and Bennett. It kills me not being there with you all. Remember, the night we prayed and the vision God gave me---He revealed that we would touch thousands over there. With you two there and me over here surely we can do some major praying. I love yall very much.


Matt and Bre said...

Also, James (Doris's Husband) is currently in surgery. Keep him lifted up and surrounded by God's word---I will update you when I hear something.


Anonymous said...

There will be many stories to tell BAM about how he came to be a part of this family. He will feel so very special.

I don't even want to think about the night driving escapade and the possible problems that could have happened. There were many angels guiding and protecting you that night. Glad you had such a good time after getting there and the cottage sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Right about now guess you all are at the airport for Scott's return flight and Bridgett's arrival. Sher, I know you can do this, stay strong, depend on God's grace.

Much love,

Matt and Bre said...

James made it out of surgery! Keep him prayed up- I am sure mom already updated you. I hear that Bennett was asleep on Bridgetts chest...I can't wait to hold him.


JenJen said...

you guys are hilarious! i could totally picture this whole experience.... sorry i am just now commenting, but i have been reading and praying for you guys everyday! Still believe that meeting you was a divine connections! Love you and praying.... jen (from chicago)

Steph and Case said...

I can see a Sitcom coming your way. LOL it can only get better from here..

We miss you guys so much... Give BAm big hugs and kisses for us.

Love you,
Steph & Case