Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Court in the morning !!!!

Well I must say for the most part today was uneventful. We hung out at the house and spent time with Monica. She is as precious as ever, very loving and gentle toward Bennett. She has also taken a hold of Scott, she seems to trust him and want to be around him (but don't we all).
Breanna, she loved the clothes and wanted me to say thank you. I showed her the picture of you and Matt and she took it. The card you had sent her the last time truly touched her heart.

Bennett is down to his final 4 injections and wouldn't you know it the port has to be changed once again. He was stuck a total of 4 times tonight. Glady's and I made Scott go in with him we didn't want to see. Bless Scott I don't know who hurt more him or Bennett. Praise God we made it through and his final injection will be Thursday evening.
He cried all night last night and seems to have a sour stomach today, keep him lifted the enemy is trying from every direction, but he is a child of the Most High God and no weapon formed against him will prosper.

Court in the morning. Please keep us all prayed up. I am a little nervous going in tomorrow after meeting the judge last week he seems to be quite intimidating. Monica, Glady's, Scott and I most likely will all be asked questions. I was told by our lawyer if you cry or tear up or don't speak directly he will ask you to leave, just depends on his mood for the day. I think I was better off not knowing any of that stuff when I entered his court the last time.
My comfort comes in knowing the Lord has called us to Bennett and He will see us through until we come home. But I sure would like for the judge to be nice to us :).........sound like a baby?? well I feel like one but that's ok.
Now this is the big request, not for the weak or faint at heart. (Do you hear the challenge in my voice). As you know there is an eight hour time difference but we need as many prayer warriors as possible on their faces at 1:00 a.m. your time praying for us. We are to be at court at 9 a.m. our time and will be seen between 9 and 10. The judge will hear our case and then make a ruling by next week to determine if we bring Bennett home. If you feel lead and will be praying please call others and get them to join you. Drop us a post so we know who you are. I'm trying not to sound so anxious but obviously I am. This day will change all of our lives forever. Each day is one day closer to bringing Bennett home.
Will blog as soon as we get home from court and tell you how nice the judge was to us all !!!!!!!!
Since he is going to be so nice he can go ahead and give us a favorable ruling tomorrow :)

God Bless


Matt said...

Sherry- CALL MOM, we are at work and trying to get ahold of you.

to our surprise while visiting your site at work you updated your blog. I was just reading mom the two previous blogs from your day at Amani and Scotts day with the 4wheeler. All of a sudden a new blog popped up- we got so excited. Of course I am bawling my eyes out. We are all praying. I will write soon- mom says i gotta go.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I will be on my knees. Haley and Hannah are both spending the night. I just might wake them up also. As the saying goes "if God brings you to it, He will see you through it". I am so sorry that our little guy is having so much trouble with the port and also with his formula. He just needs to be here. We all feel like our life is in limbo until he gets here.

Am going to put into effect that "Power of a Praying Mother/Grandmother" Remember.....be anxious about nothing. Just let Jesus take you by the hands. Imagine Him walking in between you, holding each of your hands. What power there is in that!!!

Love you both very much!
Mom (McGough)

Anonymous said...

I will be in prayer just let the Lord lead the words that come from your mouth and all will be GREAT
I will be seeing you soon
Love you baby
Aunt Doris

Matt said...

I wrote you an email and sent it to your gmail address. Hope you can read it before your court appointment.

I love you three.