Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jinja...The Nile...The Amani Kids...What More Can You Ask For?

We have arrived back in Kampala after a two day, one night stay in Jinja at the Gately Hotel located directly on Lake Victoria; the source of the Nile River. Sher and I stayed in Cabin 2 again...where Bridgett also stayed the night. To write about our journey will be very difficult for me because there is so much to say and so much that I saw---if only I could take mental snapshots and reveal them to you when I arrive back home. We were accompanied by George who is an excellent driver and so gracious. (Matt, I was able to give George your shirts and hat- he will give them to his youngest son...he said he felt very blessed.) On our way to Jinja I experienced the countryside like never before...sugarcane fields and tea plantations; it was a sight to see. When arriving at our hotel, I was in awe of how beautiful this place was--picture perfect. I wrote Matt telling him I was in Heaven and the only thing that was missing in my Heaven was him. If all our family could experience this---Mom you must must. Instead of going straight to Amani Baby Cottage, we decided to go through the village to Bujagali Falls. This is where kids would run out and holler...MZUNGU, MZUNGU and some would scream with excitement. It was pure joy! To see small mud huts, naked children running about, and so many walking for miles---it put a lot in perspective for me. To ever think that I am not blessed, to ever complain again about what I don't have, to ever forget about what I have can anyone not know the Lord and be thankful? I am thankful. I am blessed. Our family is a rare kind---God has been good to us.

When making it to Bujagali Falls---I was beyond excited! Everyone knows I have a thing for waterfalls and Sherry and I were driven by George and a local named Moses to help us get around. We took lots of pictures and watch two men swim through the falls and then one kayak down the other---just for a little money we got to see entertainment at its best. When traveling back to the hotel we were able to pass out sweeties to the kids in the village and even got to see a futbol (soccer) game take place. Arriving back at the hotel, we ate a nice candlelight dinner looking straight towards Lake Victoria. We were able to sleep in our mosquito netted beds and rest with un-interrupted sleep, however, we both woke during the middle of the night...thinking about Bennett.

We woke early this morning to have breakfast and head straight across the road to Amani. I was so anxious...for these children I have prayed for and to finally meet finally meet Francis and hug Daniel ....was beyond words. I truly believe that if you call yourself in somewhere and believe God's plan for you that the plan will come to pass---I kept praying that I would meet these children and God made it happen. That is a miracle within its self. Of course, we arrived with a bag of sweeties---when walking in the first thing you hear "SWEETIES, SWEETIES!". To see such excitement for dum-dum suckers is something makes you think really hard---how lucky our children nieces and nephews and brothers and are all blessed beyond your wildest dreams. God has called me to take care of the orphans---he has called our is confirmed and I fiercely believe that it is our divine calling. Matt I would be lying if I told you that I didn't want to bring all of them home...I would be further lying if I said I didn't want to adopt one of them---one day you will meet them. I am sure of it.

To witness Sherry with Francis, George, Lucy, Arnold, Katie, Steven and I could go on....was confirmation that God had called us there. As much as Sherry misses home and her own children ---I believe this is home to her now as well. Quite frankly, I suggest we all pack up and head to Jinja....what a beautiful country with such beautiful people. Bridgett...I loved on little Mary for you, she is an exotic beauty and i understand why you have fallen for her. Kristin, I squeezed your Daniel and kissed those cheeks- how upset he got when I put him down. For me---well...Little Zach was the heart-breaker, the one I could put in my back pack and carry on down the road to Although, I think Matt would fall in love with Issac and his twin sister as well---its a tough debate. Wait...I think Sophia would be another...I must take them all. lol.

For Sherry, leaving today was not easy and you all know that it was just the same for me. However, Sherry has seen these children grow and has watched them since before Bennett...there is an unspoken bond that cannot be broken. To leave Francis and George at the gate was not easy and very emotional. God has put something inside of me, a treasure so great---a love that is so real. To think that I would be the one to touch somebody----ahhh....NO...I am the one touched! Touched so deeply...deep into the heart and soul. Nobody can take that from you. Praise Jesus for your family---for your husbands, your children, siblings and parents. Praise Jesus.

We must update you about Bennett! I know I have written a book thus far but hold on for a few more words---

Bennett has received his passport and again we have favor...Monica will be here on Friday to go to the Embassy with us. God has made a way where there seems to have been no way----Monica was supposed to be in exams (ones they cannot miss or will fail) but Friday she has the day off! We all must praise Jesus for this...this is another miracle! He has shown us favor once more. We still need you to pray in the paper that we need...should be arriving soon. Also that we will be leaving on Nov.4 together! On behalf of Sherry...(she is snoozing with Bennett in her arms) we thank you for all your support and prayers. We miss our family! We love you and will arrive home soon.



Jordan Lane said...

wow, wish i could be there bre. I went and visited the Amani Baby Cottage website, so im sure many of the kids on there are ones you got to hold and love. Bre i think you feel that way with everything, not just kids l0l. you see a dog, you wanna take it home. l0l. Glad to hear he got his passport, hopefully ya'll will be coming home soon. Can't wait to see BAM and get to hold him. This is getting pretty long, just wanted to say hello. Sherry, i love you & stay strong, not much longer.
love ya'll


kristin betts said...

Oh my goodness thank you for kissing and hugging my boy for me. I could just picture everything you where writing about and it just sounds wonderful. Hey Bre i'm going to have to hurry up and plan my test flight soon, LOL because my first flight can not be that long of one. Well ladies and little man its just about over and you will all be getting on that plane on Nov. 4th and headed home to America, in Jesus name we all claim that in his name. Keep the blog going I wake up every morning and check it even before my E mails. I love you all give BAM a hug from all of the Heritage Trails Dream Team, We all miss you Bre. Love Kristin Betts

Steph and Case said...

Hallelujah!!! I am so Ecstatic.. Praise God You guys are such a blessing and have touched so many lives. It is amazing the power of that is moving in and through you guys..

Sending you all our love hugs and kisses..

Brittany and Chase said...

tears once again.. you girls keep doing this to me! so glad that you have gotten to experience all of this Bre! What a blessing! Can't wait to find out if you get to return home on Nov. 4th. We will be praying for this. I love u both... give Bennett a kiss for me! Thanks for the adorable pics!

(Bre u can put any of those kids in your back pack for us too!)

Uncle James said...

Just dropped in to say hi. Hope all is going well. I wish I could be there with you but the plane ride would get me.

Give my little nephew a big hug and kiss for me. I can't wait to see all of you.

I Love you too!

BAM still looks like


Glenda McGough said...

There are no words to express my feelings right now. What a blessed time you two had. I can just hear the laughter from the children.

I thank you Jesus for the works you are performing through Sherry and Breanna (and Bridgett and Scott). I thank you for just being able to witness the joy that is coming through to us.....and, thank you for the internet so that we can share in it on a daily basis.

Love you both
P.S. James, we'll know if he is more Saulter than McGough when he gets old enough to vacuum!!!!

Heather said...

I found your blog a little while back when googleing Amani and have come back frequently to see how your journey is going. I am so excited for you guys that you are so close to bringing your baby boy home! I spent this past summer at Amani and I will admit I am quite jealous that you are there! I wish I could have stayed there with my babies. Your pictures are priceless! You are all in my prayers as you finish up with the technicalities and begin the trip back to America!

Anonymous said...

I believe days like this, the ones memorable, are those that when reflecting back, you realize how amazing life truly is. A day that can bring so much from joy and love.Emotions ranging from walking on clouds to feeling like your swimming through wet cement. I understand you had one of those days. It was a Blessed day prettygirl

Anonymous said...

im home and it feels great wished i was there ,thats where the real world is, what God wants us to feel to expereance .His true love is feeling those children its like putting yourself in the heart of God. you can never be the same but why would you want to be.
love mom

Heather said...

That’s awesome that you’ve been able to go back 5 times! It is a great place and the kids are so sweet (of course you know that though!).

I am so glad to hear someone else has fallen in love with Mebra and Isaac! Random question, but are they crawling yet? They were mastering sitting up by themselves when I left in July. Their story: They have been at Amani since they were 1 week old. Their mother died giving birth (I believe due to a loss in blood) and their father and relatives took them home from the hospital. I’m sure you probably saw on my page, but they were born HIV Positive and as of their latest test results they are now HIV Negative!!! I was told that their father comes to visit them every few weeks (I actually met him once while I was there) and they will go back to live with him in a few years. I would love to see some updated pictures whenever you get the chance, my e-mail is!
Take care,