Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rats,Bats,Earthquakes and yes...We have Camels

I thought I had finally come to terms with the fact we would be sharing a house with rats.......did not know I would be sharing a room with them. Oh my goodness, I am going to have to sleep in the car.

Scott and I just found one of Bennett's bottle nipples chewed, that freaks me out. Last night I had to go to the kitchen to boil water and I heard something running behind the cubbard, I think it was big enough to have a leash. Needless to say, I hurt my foot trying to get the heck out of there. Sweet little Bennett drank cold formula for the night. I think it wanted to attack me....Glady's and the other helpers here think it is hilarious how scared I am, it has become fun to them to point one out just to watch me freak out. Just to let you know I am sleeping with the bathroom light on every night, it lights up the entire bedroom and I don't care.
Scott does not want to be made fun of by the others so he acts tough but those of us that know him know he is a chicken little when it comes to any rodent.

Staying with rodents, we stayed a night in Jinja with bats. Not a few but seriously thousands outside our 3rd floor balcony door not more than 10 yards. Let me just say they are not very quiet animals. And we heard stories of them flying inside buildings. Our doors remained shut!

Ok now that I have covered that let me tell you about a few other crazy things that have happened. We forgot to tell you all that Scott and I were in an earthquake........not a joke we slept through it and it registered a 3.5-4.5 and lasted for over a minute. It was the day after we arrived, we were still jet lagged and decided to take a nap, did not know a thing until the next day when Scott read it in the paper......later he asked Pastor and he said I was on my way to wake you so we could go outside when it stopped. It is no longer a joke that we could sleep through an earthquake cause we did.

Next thing: we had a camel running down the road along side our car I threw the camera to Scott he rolled down the window and started taking pictures, men were chasing it for a long time Glady's yelled at Scott and I to roll up the windows, she said they can be mean and dangerous, who knew?

Now this is the craziest thing of all........Scott is now driving in Uganda. He and Glady's took Bennett to the hospital for and injection, the next thing I know the horn is honking and Scott is yelling at me to come out side and look. I thought for sure it was a joke and he had just pulled the car into the driveway but later that night when Glady's called and said she could not make it and we needed to go ahead and take Bennett for another injection I quickly realized this was not a joke. You need to understand how this is more crazy than the rat, earthquake and the camel they have no rules in Uganda. The only thing they tell you to do is stay left......that is if there is no one in your way or if you are in a big of a hurry and you want to make your own lane. Maybe you have decided you want to make a two way into a one way that is ok as well. Boda boda's (motorcycles) are everywhere and have even less rules, imagine that. Glady's has almost wacked about 4 since we have been here.

Sherry is exaggerating again. The rules of the road make perfect sense. The road is comprised of 5 imaginable lanes. 2 outermost is for boda boda, bicycles and pedestrians. Then next 2 in are for cars, center is passing lane. Now understand that at any given moment the lanes can be interchangeable. See there. Makes perfect sense. Oh. And stay left!

Whatever he is starting to act like a true Ugandan, that's why I am sending him home next week. He has all the women nurses at the hospital flirting with him, they all want to come to America and work for him.......Bennett got the best treatment possible, thanks to his dad :).
Good news is he is through.....went for last visit this morning, port was messed up again and doctor realized he had a series of ten injections and decided enough was enough.......yeah for Bennett. He is a REAL boy now. Stay tuned for more comedy from Uganda will post in real time.

Colton, Haley and Hannah we miss you all so much, wish you were here. Dad will be home soon.

We love you and by the way we gave you a calling card so you could call us. # is 011256779294258.


Scott and Sherry


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh that is crazy :] hahahaha camels are so funny! And they spit! Lol sounds like a lot of funn in uganda wish you were here or I there. Can't wait till you are ALL home safe and sound for good. I love you guys :]

Anonymous said...

This should be called "Lucy and Ricky Go to Uganda". Have no fear, Ethyl (aka Bridgett) will be there soon!!! Scott, you may not want to return to HV, you will be bored. You are absolutely driving me crazy with your escapades - why do I read this stuff? Too bad the judge wasn't female, maybe things would have turned out differently You could have won her over with your smile!

Sher, I have a newfound respect for you and the strength you are calling upon to deal with it all, but.....rats, bats, earthquakes and camels....MY,MY,MY!!!! You gonna start driving when Scott leaves?

Kiss that chubby cheeked BAM for me. By the way, Gracie kinda likes being an "only child". She has lots of new clothes. Also took Haley out the other day to get some new things. And, Colt gets his in gas money (plus a new pair of shoes). They miss you all so much. I know it will be easier for them when Scott gets here. By the way, the AXE game is tomorrow night at Texas Stadium, what's the rules? Check your email and we'll talk.

Love you much. Tell Pastor and Gladys hello from us and thanks for all they are doing.


Steph and Case said...

What an amazing adventure.... You better be capturing all this for Baby Bam when he is older and settled into suburban life I do not think he will realize the "labor" you guys have had to go through for him. :)

Can't wait for the next installment of wacky escapades..

Your having way more fun than a Thursday Beach night :)

Praying for safe quick return,
Love Steph & Case

Anonymous said...

haha that's crazzy a freaking camel bahah
Wow um k don't think I will be ridding in the car
With daddy when he gets home!! :) haha I miss u guys
Mommy I sent u an e-mail and I just want u to know
That I would rather u stay and bring my brother home
I am just upset right now and I need someone to talk to
I am not trying to make u feel bad and I am sorry if I am
I love u so much and I miss u guys like crazzy icant wait till daddy gets home I miss him alot!!!!!!! And mommy I can't wait till u get home either wit my little brother..

Well I love u

Matt and Bre said...

That is hilarious....If I could only be a fly on the car window. The picture of Scott and Monica is beautiful...Gods light radiates through you all. I love you,

Shauna said...

Hope you two had a great time! I look forward to getting to know your story of how God brought you to adoption. I believe God is doing quite a work in us when it comes to adoption. We are praying and seeking His will in this but reading your blog I can not help but be excited and ask God "would you really have this amazing adventure for us?" My e-mail is - hope to chat with you soon - kiss those babies for us!