Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Blessed Day with Nathan and Lambert ;)

Our day started off with a funny....At 3am this morning as Sherry and I were getting into bed (our usual or later time), I was just thanking God for the electricity that we had. No sooner did I shut my eyes did I hear....WWHHHAAAMMMP....the electricity shut off. Go figure!

Sherry slept in today and I did my best taking care of little Ben...if you all could see him. He has found his voice and knows how to giggle. Every time Sherry says in a high pitched voice "PRAISE JESUS"...the biggest smile comes across Ben's face. This child is truly a child of the most high God! Today we were planning to be in Jinja but God had a different plan for us...I believe he wanted to bless us with spending time with Nathan, Pastor Dickson's son and his friend Lambert. I can honestly say that I was disappointed when I found out that we weren't going to be in Jinja today but when I arrived at Nathan's school and experienced the countryside I realized that this was meant to be. Today was the first time I saw little kids running naked and them calling out MZUNGU, MZUNGU...I truly got so much joy out of waving and laughing at all the children. Gladys prepared a huge meal of fried chicken, rice and beans with chips---we ate in a small out-door classroom...something kids in America would never imagine a classroom to be. We surprised Nathan on Family Day and got to enjoy lunch with him and his friend Lambert. Although, it was rather warm outside and I was sweating bullets---Sherry and I had such a wonderful time with Pastor Dickson's family. I have decided that Matt and Nathan are long lost brothers---they both love video games, love to read, love basketball and the funny thing is that Nathan played the drums that Matt gave to Pastor Dickson a long time ago. Nathan said when he comes to America he will definitely befriend Matt. Nathan's friend Lambert is such a sweet spirit. He has the brightest smile you have ever seen and is so soft spoken. It was very hard leaving them today. Pray for Nathan's exams---if he passes, he graduates!

Sherry and I have laughed more today then the whole time I have been here....she is in good spirits and we are believing that everything will go accordingly to God's will and promise. She was dressing up and fixing her hair 80s style and doin a little dance. Those of you who have seen this side know what I am talkin Bennett has already crashed for the evening and I think I am becoming a pro at putting this little guy to sleep.

Tomorrow is a new day and we will be glad in it---we will start off early. Meeting Mr.Otim, the Commissioner of Gender to receive in JESUS NAME the letter of approval for Ben's passport and then meeting at 11am, Mr. Fluke at the US Embassy to get Ben's Visa. WE NEED LOTS OF PRAYER----WE NEED ALL FAMILY and FRIENDS to call upon his ALMIGHTY NAME and ASK FOR WHAT WE NEED! We need approval, we need favor, we need the passport and visa, we need God's hand upon us. It will be all hustle and bustle and our little guy will have a long day too... also...could you add in a small prayer for electricity in the morning and all night long. As Sherry and I say "WE GOTTA BE LOOKIN GOOD"!

We love all of you and miss you all so much. Each passing day brings us one day closer to home---God Speed---we must believe in such a time as this. We will update tomorrow after our appointments!

Bre and Sher


Uncle James said...

Just wanted to say Hi and let you know how much we miss all of you.

Glenda just because he has your hair doesn't mean he looks like you.

Hope all is going well.

Love Ya,

Anonymous said...

well pastor ,danyel,garret,jordan all reading. love the pictures g said your ganing weight,everyone said you can't say that ,i said bre expects it LORD we thank you for favor when you speak people want to hear,they can't wait to help you ,they will give glady's visa so you dont have to make anoher trip.thats the favor our God gives sure miss you guys but i trust my God for such a time as this His plan is not always our plan but its the perfect plan

Anonymous said...

could you get marion and glads picture so pastor can see them

Anonymous said...

I miss you so much just knowing you are soo far away
I can not tell how many times I check out your blog just to see if there are more pictures or a little note letting all of us know all is well. Sherry my hat goes off to you , you are a very strong young lady and by following THE Word and your heart you are getting through each day.
hang in there baby not much longer and you will have your family back together again.
Love you and PRAYERS go with you
I am a little jealous of you two girls gatting to see and live things you can tell others about. even no eletricty or rats ( you know how I feel about rats I can hardly type the word )
All is good here Uncle James is getting stronger
Love you
Aunt doris

Sherry said...

So..Sherry and I just chillin up in this We are going insane and refreshing the blog page every 5 seconds to see if we have new comments. This is our life line-obviously. Anybody out there tonight? Reporting from Uganda...


Sherry said... a new comment...

oops...guess that was the comment I just left!



Sherry said...
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Anonymous said...

Like I told you guys earlier I check several times a day just to dee if you have something new to yell me I have been working on budgets and when I take a break I go to you blog. On I just Talked to Sharon & Angie they were on their way to Austin
So this yes someone is out here reporting from the US
Love you both Error All 3 of you
Aunt Doris

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of what our God has done. i can feel the presence of our most high God everytime I email our read your blog. Tell bre I'm mad she got to spend a day with Nathan and Lambert. Just looking at those two men you can feel the presence of God. I have been emailing the last one was at 6:30 am sunday morning I guess it didn't go through. I am already missing Africa lol Sherry, I know right now you can't fathem that comment, but there will be a day when your at home and say. I miss that place. the word says Be still and know that I am God. calm your mind and listen to the still small voice that leads and guides all of us. One step and one moment at a time. God is doing things on this side of planet earth as well Keep praying for me as the next few days are crucial to Dan and I as well for our family. When God moves sometimes it seems like eternity. lol Well, I guess that's because He lives in eternity, were there is no time. God if you could work on African time that would be great! he he I am about to start my day and can't wait to come home tonight to see what Jesus has done in your life today

God speed ahead bridge bridg

Anonymous said...

Who are the two children standing in front? Looks like you two had a great day. Can't wait to hear all the stories and see all of the pics. You two need to get that journal going, you are going to want to remember everything when you get back, think about it.

James, "let the games begin"!!!! Actually, it's that "deer in the headlights" look that seems to be familiar.

Much Love and Blessings,

kristin betts said...

Bre honey are you getting enough sleep, your so funny!! Just saying hi to all three of ya'll, Love ya Lots Kristin