Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time for Scott to fly !

Scott boarded the plane last night at 10:20 headed for home. I was happy that he would be with our children and yet sad to be in another country without him. Scott and I are never apart, we do everything together so this feels a little strange to me. I, being a very independent person can take care of myself if I must.....but that's just it I don't want to. I seem to be having trouble with this whole dollar/schilling conversion thing. I think that's why Scott told me I didn't need much money. :( Scott, I love you and I miss you, Uganda is not the same without you here.

The happy side to that is my sister Bridgett arrived last night at the same time Scott was leaving. I am so thankful to her for making this journey to be with me. I can't imagine being here alone, I am so homesick for my family she was just the pick me up I needed. Bridgett is my prayer partner, most of the time she knows what to pray for before I even ask. Bennett took right to her so it has been nice today having someone want to hold him. I don't have a stroller or carrier so he has been in my arms for several weeks now. Nice break !!!

Bridgett and I are trying to find a ride to Jinja tomorrow, she wants to go to the Amani Baby Cottage. (no mechanics needed). So depending on who volunteers to take us will decide if we go or not. Hopefully on Saturday we will drive back to Fort Portal (with Glady's) so Bridgett can see her old friends at church on Sunday.
I don't have much more to tell today and I am exhausted so I will be going for now.



Matt and Bre said...

I will be praying for strength...for the both of you. I love you.


Brittany said...

sher, i am praying for you. So glad Brigett is there for you! hang in there and enjoy your time there! when is your next court date? is it next week?

Hope you find rest in Christ- His yoke is easy- lay your burdens at His feet.

Love you sis,