Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not our Bennett !!!

I finally had the opportunity to speak with pastor.
The two "mommies" he had been talking to have decided to keep their babies. The ladies spoke with their families and were advised to keep them. I know this is a God thing, it is awesome they will have the support they need and be able to raise their children.
This was a different approach than what we were originally taking anyway, so we will continue to wait on the Lord. He has our Bennett in his hands and I will settle for nothing less. I said in the beginning that our Lord had the child for us that was planned before the foundation of the earth. I still believe that.
So for now I have have nothing more to tell you, but will update as more news arrives.
Please continue to pray for Amani Baby Cottage and for the families that have been matched and are waiting for a court date. The Garwood family has received a court date sometime in August so pray for a favorable ruling for them. They are adopting a little boy named Hunter, he turned two today.
Many Blessings

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