Sunday, November 9, 2008

They're Home :)

:) yay! There home! I am so Excited, I haven't seen my Mom in a long time! I am in an aww with Bennett. He is so Adorable I can't believe that he is my "Little Brother" wow! Every time one of my friend's asks who I am with I will say my brother, hannah, mom and dad..[pause] oh and Bennett it's so weird. :)
God has Blessed us so much!! I can't even explain how Good our God has been to us! I have taken care of Bennett alot! I feel like a mom! :) The first day he got home we already had him laughing. He lovesss to smile :).I think when he gets old Hannah and I are going to dress him up in girl clothes and put make up on him! haha :) He will look so cute! Bennett is just so amazing and I LOVE him so much I am just so excited I can' even explain it. My Mom and Dad are so amazing I know they hurt too. I am just so glad I have "strong Faithful parent's I Love you :) Your so Good to Me Hannah and Colton I know that Bennett will feel the same way. I Love Bennett so Much He is so much fun to play with :) He lights up the whole house. I thought it was going to be so hard to share my mom and dad at first but I think I could get used to it! I am so Glad my mom is home, My brother, sister, my dad and my self have gone through alot since my mom has been gone! We all stayed in Prayer the whole time! I don't think all three of us kids.. haha four of us kid's could live with-out or Mom or Dad! My parent's are the Best! God gave us kid's the Best parent's and family in the world. I know me and my parents cant even explain how much we thank every body for keeping us in there prayers! You guys helped get them back home with my little brother :) I also just ask that you keep Francis in your prayers he is still waiting for a Family :(. I want him so bad. I know that God will put him were he wants him though :). Thank you for everything y'all have done :)
Mom,Dad and Bennett I am glad your home and safe :)

Love Haleyy <3


Brittany said...

haley sweetie... that was such a sweet note.. you make me cry too!! you do have amazing parents who love you and the Lord very much. I am so glad that you are seeing the value of prayer and family at such a young age. Keep seeking the Lord and He will provide and make your paths straight. Uncle Chase and I can't wait to come see all you kids and meet the newest addition! We will see you on Friday! Give everyone a BIG hug and kiss for us! Love you sweet girl.

-aunt brittany ( i just like saying the "aunt' part! :0) )

Matt and Bre said...

Haley Mae---God is good. I love little Amooti too!

I love you and never forget the blessings God gives us!

Love you.

Glenda McGough said...

My Sweet Haley, what a blessing you are to me. Thank you for your amazing sweet spirit and for the love you give to us all. After I spend time with you, I leave with such thankfulness for having you in my life. (Never forget that I am your biggest fan, always have been, always will be) Your Mom and Dad have taught you so much and to always turn to the Lord in ALL things. It is amazing at your age that you actually do it. Never forget that He is ALWAYS there for you. "Trust the Lord always, because he is our Rock forever" Is 26:4

Thank-you for loving our new little BAM so much and for helping out so much. It warms this Nanny's heart to see the close relationship that you, Colt, and Hannah have and now you will be able to share the same with Bennett.

Haley, thanks for sharing your feelings with all. Never forget who you are in Jesus....and who you are to us!!!! (Tell Dad I want a copy of the picture)

Love You More!

Jordan Lane said...

okay haley! i am getting really jealous now! haha! i can't wait to see him..hopefully it won't be forever away! he is such a doll your myspace pictures make me laugh. he looks like a little monkey..he is really gonna enjoy these pictures when he is older! give him hugs and kisses for me! love ya'll!

Steph said...

Sweet Haley, You are an amazing sister and a wonderful child of God.

We are all so blessed to have you in our lives. Casey, Cori, Cheyenne and Kida and I love you and your entire family dearly.

Bennette, Colt, and Gracie have an incredible sister!

Stay strong in your walk with the Lord and never let go!

I am proud of you Haley Mae

Love Stephie