Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Beginning

Well I guess you can say we are truly on our way to adoption. We now have a family blog. We had our home study done last week and all our paperwork has been sent to home land security.

Most all of you are aware that Scott and I are adopting from the Amani Baby Cottage in Jinja Uganda. We are all very excited, we feel as a family this is what the Lord has called us to do. I want to make one thing clear from the beginning, though this child will be blessed, it is Scott, Colton, Haley, Hannah and I that will be forever changed. We are the ones that are honored to have one of these beautiful children come into our home.

We feel that we are the privileged ones. God could have chosen anyone but he chose us. Now we just sit and wait and pray until "He" brings us our little boy.

When I have more time I will go into detail about how all this got started, but for now please keep my family in your prayers. Pray for Amani Baby Cottage and their care givers. They work hard and long hours to insure these children get the best care possible. Also pray for Mary Nuttal, she is our contact person here in the states and along with her full time job and volunteering for Amani she has two small children of her own. Both of which came from Amani several years ago.

Many Blessings

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