Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Waiting ! ! !

Well I had no idea when I started this blog things would be moving as fast as they have. Should have known since Breanna and Bridgett have been prophesying this from the beginning. Any way I will try to feel you in as best as I can.
We got a call from Pastor Dickson last week explaining he had two "mommies" both due to deliver in the next 1-3 weeks. Both are wanting to give up the babies but pastor instructed them to discuss this with their families. In the mean time we have contacted the Amani Baby Cottage to make sure the adoption can still take place through them since they were not the ones to actually locate the babies. As best as I understand that will not be a problem, once the babies are born they will be sent to the cottage and then we will wait for a court date. So as of this very moment I am waiting for a call from Pastor Dickson, he was supposed to speak with the women today and give us the final decision.
I am in awe each day of what the Lord is doing. It is basically unheard of for things to move along this fast. We just completed our home study and are still waiting for our finger printing dates and yet we may already have our "match". God is good !
Pray for the mommies
pray that our homeland security paperwork is completed quickly
pray for health of the babies
Pray that all parties involved have peace

I will blog again as soon as I hear from pastor. Bless him because since I got my international calling card he never knows what time of day or night his phone may start ringing. We have an eight hour time difference and sometimes I dial before I think.
Many Blessings


Matt said...

Adoption is such an amazing process from both sides of the spectrum. Seeing the adoption process from a different point of view, I pray one day that your family will have the oppurtunity to have contact with this child's family at some point in the child's lifetime. Though it may be difficult to have constant contact in Uganda---God can do anything if it is in his will for it to be done. I am ready...for these children ;), for Africa, for what God has planned for our whole family. Adopting from Africa is an amazing blessing---but the blessings have yet been revealed through all of this. Keep us posted and know that I have been praying from the beginning!

Our babies will be home soon---

DAN said...

Sherry, I know even one minute swwms like eternity, but we have to believe god and his perfect timing, let the enemy get you down and discouraged. Keep the faith get busy doing something that keeps you busy, paint the babies room, go look for baby bedding. just do something, staying at home and looking at the phone or computer for a responce can make a normal human go made. Take kids to eat lunch with dad. We have that little water park in lewisville kids would have fun there. In other words get out of the house. When little Bennett gets here all the anticipation will seem to have just left and disapeared. Then God will bring something else in our life that we will have to wait for. Patience, patience, Patience. Your new name is Sherry patience....

I love you so much and am excited for the 4th time to be going through this again with you. How amazing is our God.

Hannah said...

i love u mommy i will miss u soooooo much i love u

Anonymous said...

Hope all is going well. Hannah came running into the office today with a great big grin on her face and came and gave me a hug and ask if I got pictures of Bennett. I told her I had and she was thrilled. She is doing great and said you would be home on Saturday. She can't wait to see you all and especially her baby brother. All is well with Hannah!