Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bennett in hospital :(

Sorry it has taken me so long to blog about our joyous homecoming but my life has been anything but normal since arriving back in America.
I took Bennett to see his pediatrician on Thursday for a routine check up, I wanted him to been seen by his own doctor so we could establish a baseline. All seemed well, she thought he was a healthy handsome boy.
On Friday morning she called and said after reviewing his records from Uganda she felt as though they had treated the symptoms for congenital syphilis but had not treated the disease. She wanted him admitted right away to Children's hospital in Dallas.
We spent the first couple of days with one test after another being ran. They took more blood from him than I thought one human body could hold, did a lumbar puncture to check for traces in his spinal fluid, a number of x-rays were taken and the end result was syphilis was still present.
On Sunday evening they started IV penicillin, the treatment will last for ten days. So once again I am away from home and away from my children. Though it may sound like I'm complaining I'm not. I am grateful to God for such a wonderful doctor who took the time to read the almost unreadable medical charts and make the right call. But I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed at being away from Colt, Haley and Hannah again.
Bennett is doing well, he has received the best care possible. They have determined though he still has syphilis the high numbers are probably from the antibodies he received from his birth mother. Speaking of Monica, please keep her in your prayers as well. We are trying to figure out how we can get her retested and help her receive the proper treatment she needs.
Bennett is growing like a weed and is starting to recognize faces, the kids came to the hospital last night to see him and his eyes just lit up. He entertained them for well over an hour. He has learned how to scream with a huge smile on his face and then watch the crowd roar with laughter.
We have had several doctors and nurses not assigned to him stop by the room to meet the infamous Bennett. He has such a sweet spirit that attracts people. I had one young girl stop me in the hall and ask if she could take a picture of him with her cell phone. God has a plan for this baby.
Glenda has been a life saver, she jumped right back into the mode of caring for my family....bless her I know she is tired and ready to "Just" be Nanny again. Breanna came to the hospital today so I could come home see my family and rest. Angie, after a full days work came to spend the night with him so I could sleep through the night. Mom has been sick so she is feeling a little left out at the moment, she has only been able to spend a few hours with him since he has been home....don't worry mom your time is coming.
I have the most amazing family in the world, Bennett has no idea how blessed he is.
Please continue to keep us in your prayers and pray Bennett gets to come home soon. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and boy do I have alot to be thankful for this year.
Will post again as we receive more info.



Glenda McGough said...

Just watching him the other night when I was there with his brother and sisters and watching them crawl up in the bed with him and his delight when he sees them is worth "everything". He absolutely knows them and wants their attention....and he gets it!

We are all learning so much from him and the situation. God is already using him for the further research that will be done by his doctor at Children's Medical. It took a baby from Uganda to further the research. Who knew that when Gladys found Monica and Bennett in that little shack, near death, what God had in store. Thank you, Jesus, for this gift....we are blessed!!!

Much Love,

Brittany said...

can't wait to meet this sweet boy! we WILL be coming in on Friday!! can't wait to see you all! love you.. hang in there and keep lookin' up!

Jordan Lane said...

Don't seem so sad sherry! Your kids are strong. Bennett is loved very well and i know the kids understand why you always seem to be away. After this though, it will finally be time to relax. I can't wait to meet bennett. i know he will love me more than breanna :) just kidding.. i am very excited i may be coming down soon, and if bennett is out of the hospital i would love to spend some time with ya'll. I'm praying. I love ya'll!

Matt and Bre said...

I actually started to laugh a little out loud... just the fact that there is still people out there checking the blog...I CHECK IT ...and I must say that I am glad to know that family is still interested. I only laugh because of the many nights you and I would just sit and hit the refresh button to see if we had a new comment. To my surprise I am not the first one writing a comment. I guess I better get on the

Bennett has grown so much in the past two weeks we have been home. God SO SO SO has a plan for this young beautiful boy. There is something about him that is unexplainable and so spiritual ---

I know you are having moments of disappointment and exhaustion. Just remember that he grows up fast and you'll wonder how he grew so quickly. Keep your head up and know that we are always here for you.

I love you. Bre

isabelle said...

Hi, sorry to hear about Bennetts hospitalisation.

I am praying for him and for you all.

God did amazing works to get the little guy all the way over there, and he will continue to do great things in and for this little guy.

Take care,


Shauna said...

Oh wow - I was wondering why there was no post. Thank God for a great Dr.! We will be praying for strength for you and a speedy recovery for Bennett. Is this just a matter of treating him or are there long term problems?

Kim said...

Howdy, from Kim and her boys! Know stories of Bennett and how God has gifted you with him have blown all the way up to Kansas! Come hang out at KimNOW to see Mimi and other family members! I'm excited to see my cousins and their fam online, yea! Blessings, Kim